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PHS Volleyball: D-G-F sneaks past Perham

Perham returned to Prairie Wind Gymnasium Tuesday for what could have been the biggest match in the HOL this fall.

The Jackets and No. 15-AA D-G-F were evenly matched, but the Rebels came out on top, barely, 3-1 (21-25, 25-18, 26-24, 27-25).

"A point here or there, a controversial official call, was the difference in the last two games," Christenson said. "D-G-F did a great job up front keeping our hitters contained. Our coverage was good as well, which provided for some long, exciting rallies. It was a great match for the fans to watch."

Perham let a big lead get away in the fourth set after leading 22-15. D-G-F came back with a run of six-straight points to help cut the lead to 23-21. A missed serve by Perham allowed D-G-F another opportunity to get back into the game.

The game was tied at 24-24, and 25-25, before D-G-F ended Perham's evening 27-25.

"I'm proud of the way our kids kept their energy up tonight," Christenson said. "They were not intimidated by D-G-F's No. 15 Coaches' Poll ranking. Our youngsters grew up tonight...a lot. It's going to be a great, rest of the season. "

Perham beat the Rebels last year, 3-1, ending a three-match losing streak to D-G-F.

On the road

Perham's next two matches will be on the road against HOL opponents they've had a lot of success against, starting tonight (Oct. 1) at Pelican Rapids.

Perham (5-7, 3-1 HOL) is 9-0 against the Vikings since 2000, outscoring them 27 sets to three.

On Oct. 6, the Lady Jackets will head to Breckenridge. Perham is also 9-0 over the Cowgirls since 2000, not losing a single set, beating them by a combined score of 27-0 over that span.

Tuesday, September 29

#15-AA D-G-F 3, Perham 1

(21-25, 25-18, 26-24, 27-25)

Jackets--(Kills-Digs-Blocks)--Meehl (7-13-1), K. Moenkedick (7-11-4), Stoll (7-25-1), E. Moenkedick (3-1-4), Mickelson (1-7-0), Karvonen (1-0-0), Huber (1-33-3), Guck (0-9-0), Karlee Omberg (0-1-0)

Assists--K. Moenkedick 16, Guck 14, Meehl 2.

Aces--Meehl 3, K. Moenkedick 1, Huber 1 Stoll 1.

Heart O' Lakes Conf. All

#15-AA D-G-F 4-0 7-4

Breckenridge 3-1 4-4

Perham 3-1 5-7

Hawley 3-2 6-2

Barnesville 3-3 3-5

Pelican Rapids 2-2 5-5

West Central Area 2-2 4-11

Lake Park-Audubon 2-3 4-6

Frazee 0-4 0-7

Ulen-Hitterdal 0-4 0-11