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Ottertail's John Nelson makes MTA 2009 State Team

The Minnesota Trapshooting Association (MTA) recently named their 2009 Trapshooting State Teams. John Nelson of Ottertail was recently honored for his shooting ability by his placement on the Veteran's 1st Team.

To qualify for this prestigious honor shooters must complete certain hefty requirements. These include registering targets at four or more Minnesota clubs, competing in the High All-Around competition at either their resident Minnesota Zone Shoot or the State Shoot, as well as registering a large number of targets over the course of one year. Of the hundreds of shooters who actively compete in ATA registered trapshooting, only 66 were chosen to represent the state in 6 team categories--Men, Lady, Veteran, Senior Veterans, Juniors and Sub-Juniors.

Trapshooting is a fun, disciplined sport for all ages, allowing parents, grandparents and youth shooters to compete for fun as well as for competition. For more information about trapshooting, and to find a trapshooting club near you, please visit or