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Eagle boys punish Pillager by 18 points

Ted Fiskevold/EOT Illustrated New York Mills head coach Bryan Dunrud rallies his troops during the Eagles? game against Pillager Thursday evening.

Ted Fiskevold

EOT Illustrated

New York Mills' junior guard Isaiah Bauck scored 23 points and led the Eagles to a 78-60 victory over the Pillager Huskies in the last regular season game on home ground Thursday.

The fans, parents, teachers, school officials, bouncing cheerleaders and nacho-eating kiddies were all on hand to cheer on the Eagles and enrich the school spirit of home-game fun while the hard-driving rhythms of the Eagles Pep Band provided the pulse beat.

"The boys played with such heart and intensity, that at one point we were 31 points ahead," New York Mills head coach Bryan Dunrud remarked. "We've battled injuries throughout the season and now we are healthy and rotating eight guys."

Close behind Bauck was sophomore guard Adam Snellgrove, who scored 20 points--14 of which he scored in the first half of the game.

"We played hard and the players had a good mindset," Dunrud added. "We have the ability to win some games in the tournament."

Prior to the varsity game, the Junior Varsity Eagles team defeated the Husky team 49-46 in a nail-biter that was only a three-point bucket away from overtime.

The last game of the season for the Eagles (8-15) was Tuesday in Underwood.

There are 21 teams in Section 6-1A. New York Mills is one of 10 teams in Section 6-1A North and11 teams make up Section 6-1A South.