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Weller receives lifetime achievement award

Wayne Weller received a lifetime achievement award for his 32 years of wrestling coaching in New York Mills.

Wayne Weller has been coaching at the junior high level and helping with the elementary wrestling program since he started working at the cheese factory.

It has also been special coaching with his son, Mike, who works in town at Modern Assemblies.

It looks like this will be the end of the line for Wayne as a wrestling coach.

His work schedule will not allow him to be there every day and Wayne said he couldn't expect the kids to be there every day if he can't be there himself.

When Head Coach Eric Niemi was asked about Wayne's contribution to the wrestling program, he said, "Wayne Weller has been a total workhorse for the New York Mills wrestling program for the past 30 years. He is truly an example of total dedication to our wrestlers, coaching at the varsity, junior high and elementary programs. Wayne is there for all the kids, not just the ones with the most talent. He is a guy we count on behind the scenes for just about everything you can think of: from setting up to tearing down on tournament days; transporting kids to and from practice and meets; helping kinds get down to weight and my personal favorite, standing guard at the end of school day, making sure no wrestler even things about skipping practice."

At matside, Wayne is always positive, confident and under control. When he sees a wrestler performing a move incorrectly, he boldly informs the bench, "He's not doing it right." Then he comes over and quietly says, "You know he isn't doing that move right." Wayne Weller is a great coach, but an even better person. I have been fortunate to be able to count on him as a coach, but even more fortunate to count him as a friend. - Eric Niemi