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Mid-summer fishing update

Although the weather hasn't been ideal for anglers, the fishing in the East Otter Tail area has picked up since the fishing opener with fish finally getting into their summer patterns.

According to Chris Vinton, the local Minnesota State Conservation Officer, the water temperatures are rising with the warmer June weather, however, the random patterns, including rain and storm fronts, have left the fish bite a bit unpredictable.

Avid anglers are having good luck catching walleyes on the 'Pines' with shiners being the most popular bait. For an easier catch, the blue gills are sitting on their beds in shallow water near vegetation, which is similar to their typical summer pattern.

By way of good advice, Officer Vinton adds that anglers need to pay attention to slot limits on local lakes. A "harvest slot limit" allows the harvest of fish that fall within a designated size range (measured by length in inches). A "protected slot limit" prohibits harvest of fish that fall within a designated size range. Fish within this range must be immediately released.

The intentions of slot limits are to protect certain sizes of fish for optimum breeding and growth. Local lakes such as Big Pine, Little Pine, and Little McDonald, and others, have slot limits.

Make sure to check the state and local regulations to know the applicable slot limits on our area lakes. Be sure to measure your fish accurately, as failure to follow the slot limit is a ticketed offense.