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The No Netted Fish

Jacob Marsh, age 9, Dent, East Silent Lake. 8 lb. 6 oz Northern, 32"

The day started early. It was our fishing day on East Silent Lake. We didn't want to waste time.

So, we slipped away from the dock at 7:06 a.m. The sun was just clearing the trees. It was the perfect day to go fishing.

None of us knew the trouble we were about to face.

It started with Holly throwing her fishing rod into the lake. As we all scrambled to snag her rod, suddenly something grabbed Jacob's hook.

"I got one!"

When we saw the pole we knew we were in trouble.

"No net!" Steve yelled. "Get the camera and take pictures because we aren't going to be able to land this fish."

Justin's idea was to use his life jacket and throw it on the fish, but it was too late.

Open the gate and remove the golden retrievers, who were gathered to see the fish.

Steve was going to try and throw the fish when you wear him out.

"Wear him out?" Jacob asked.

Just keep playing him and follow him until he gets tired.

After a long time, we all thought he was ready. Jacob pulled the fish to the boat only to have it tear the line from Steve's bloody hands.

With the rod dug deep into his hip, the fish almost pulled the rod from Jacob's tired hands.

"Take the rod, Steve!"

"No, this is your problem, not ours."

The second time we got him to the boat luck was on our side.

Steve threw the exhausted fish into the boat. The battle was over.

After lots of pictures and some yelling the eight-pound six-ounce fish was slipped back into the clear, cold water.

Holly, Justin, Steve and Jacob all smiled. They knew they had caught and released a really nice northern. That was fun!

East Silent Lake had given us a gift that day we will always remember.

Signed: the "No Net Crew" of the SS Hollywood Pontoon.