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Schultz takes gold in nations 4-H in bow competition

Cody Schultz, son of Carol and Jenny Abbot and grandson of Curt and Rita Abbot, of Dent, attended the National 4-H Archery Competition in Kerrville, Texas June 28 through July 3. Schultz represented Minnesota after successfully taking first in the Minnesota State Competition held in August, 2009.

With 38 states represented compound bow competition consisted of: Field with known distances; Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc (Fita) at 60, 50, 40 and 30 meters and 3D competition with distances unknown on rough terrain.

Schultz earned medals on all three days, including a gold medal for a perfect score of 300 and first place on day three of the competition.

He finished first for gold on day two and day one took second for silver. He received a third gold medal for having the highest score all week. His team received two bronze medals.