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'Fun Shoot' for Veterans and Disabled Veterans

Fort Thunder Shooting Center of Perham is planning a day at the range: a "Fun Shoot" for veterans and disabled veterans.

Participants will have a chance to shoot trap, skeet, five stand and sporting clays.

The cost is $6.50 per round for trap, skeet and five stand.

Sporting clays are $18 and shells will be $6.50 per box.

Lunch is included.

In the event, those who would like to participate do not have a firearm, there will be firearms available to use at the club.

Interested parties are requested to call and make a reservation to Betty and LeRoy Atkinson, 218-346-6083.

The Atkinsons are the owners of Fort Thunder Shooting Center and LeRoy is a lifelong member of the American Legion Post #148 of Dent, a legion that includes over 100 members.