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Tuffy's Pet Food Open held July 24-25

Participants from Minnesota, North Dakota and Texas participated at the Tuffy's Pet Food Open at the Fort Thunder Shooting Center July 24 and 25.

Fort Thunder Shooting Center of Perham hosted the Tuffy's Pet Food Open July 24-25. Shooters from Minnesota, North Dakota, and Texas enjoyed two beautiful days of warm and sunny weather producing beautiful targets.

12 Gauge Event - Dean Thompson was one bird short of 100 with a score of 99, winning gun champion and first in class A. Jack Eveningson was close with a score of 98. Gene Helsine was third with a score of 98.

First in Class AA was Ed Schultz with a 93 - First in Class B was Don Kalland with a 95. Ray Polensky took first in Class C with a 90. First in Class D was won by Gary Hendricks with an 87.

20 Gauge Event - Gun Champion was Ed Schultz with a perfect straight 100. Class A was Scott Melschisedeck with a 98. Class B was Ray Polensky with a 96 and Class C went to Gary Hendricks with a 94.

28 Gauge Event - Gun Champion was a shoot off between Ed Schultz and Jack Sveningson with a score of 97 and Ed Schultz won the shoot off declaring him as gun champion. Ed was also Class AA winner with a 97. Jack Sveningson won Class A with a score of 97. Gordy Schelberg won class B with a score of 88. Gary Hendricks won class C with an 85. Ray Polensky with score of 90-won class D.

Don Tesch won the 410 Gauge Event - Gun Champion with a 96 in Class AA.

Class A went to Gene Helsine with a 92. Class B went to Don Kalland with an 85. Class C went to Ray Polensky with on 85.

Double Event - Gun Champion was Bob Rick with a 95. Class A went to Jack Sveningson with a 94. Class B was also won by Bob Rick with a 95 and Class C went to Gary Hendricks with a 97.

Following the shoot off was a marinated steak supper on Saturday night, which was enjoyed by all.

We would like to thank Kenny Nelson, the owner, and all the employees of Tuffy's.