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Perham volleyball defeats Barnesville, drops match to #2 ranked Wolverines

The Yellowjacket volleyball team got a rude start to the week's play against #2 ranked Wadena-Deer Creek. The Wolverines used a height advantage and superior passing to down Perham 3-0, by scores of 25-18, 25-14 and 25-8.

The Wolverines picked up momentum throughout the match and it showed on the scoreboard.

"Our kids are playing outstanding defense and getting the ball to center," said WDC Head Coach Sue Volkman. "Anytime you play Perham it's going to be a good game. It kind of let's you know where you sit in the section."

The Wolverines showed they belong in the upper echelon of state volleyball rankings. Many of the rallies in all three games were lengthy and play was strong on both sides of the court. The Wolverines seemed to have that extra shot necessary to force side outs and score points.

Perham bounced back on the road with a 3-1 victory at Barnesville.

The Yellowjackets took the match in four sets by scores of 23-25, 25-22, 25-19 and 26-24.

Katrina Moenkedick led all strikers with 17 kills. Becky Stoll and Kaylan Huber defended well with 23 and 18 digs respectively.

"Katrina had another great night in the front row - she is among the elite hitters in the conference," said Head Coach Dan Christenson. "Too many unforced errors after point 20 cost us set one. (We) missed serves at 21 and 23 allowing Barnesville to take the set."

Perham missed only four serves the rest of the match taking victories in close sets for the win.

Perham improves to 2-1 in Heart O' Lakes Conference and 8-7 overall.

Volleyball results

Perham at Barnesville, Thursday, September 23.

Yellowjackets 3, Trojans 1

(23-25, 25-22, 25-19, 26-24)

Perham stat leaders -- Kills: Katrina Moenkedick 17; Brooke Mickelson 5; Miranda Lockhart 5; Becky Stoll 5; Kelli Meehl 3; Lexy Karvonen 2...Digs: Becky Stoll 23; Kaylan Huber 18; Brooke Mickelson 16; Mary Guck 12; Katrina Moenkedick 7; Rayna Jacobson 5; Kelli Meehl 4; Lexy Karvonen 4; Miranda Lockhart 3; Katie Herrmann 1...Setting: Guck 16; Moenkedick 13 assists...Blocks: Lockhart 4...Serving: Kelli Meehl 5 aces. Dig percentage: Rayna Jacobson, Lockhart 100 percent.

Perham team stats:

Total kills: 27

Total blocks: 11

Total aces: 13

Total assists: 23

Total digs: 82

Heart O' Lakes Conference Volleyball statistics

Kills per set:

Baylee Wilson (Breck) 4.3

Abby Yliniemi (DGF) 3.3

Katrina Moenkedick (Per) 3.25

Allie Sannes (Haw) 3.0

Erica Amann (Haw) 2.5

Digs per set:

Sadie Stender (Fra) 6.25

Kari Shipman (Fra) 4.75

Kaylan Huber (Per) 4.63

Mandy Mercil (DGF) 3.7

Jasmine Meyer (Barn) 3.67

Katrina Moenkedick (Per) 3.63


Alexis Tappe (Fraz) 11

Drew Sannes (Haw) 10

McKinzie Tangen (Fraz) 9

Erica Amann (Haw) 9

Hannah Juhnke (Haw) 9

Service Aces:

Laure Olson (Haw) 9

Brooke Mickelson (Per) 8

Jessy Noreen (Haw) 7

Mandy Mercil (DGF) 7

Amber Vold (Breck) 6

Katrina Moenkedick (Per) 5

Baylee Wilson (Breck) 5

Assists per set:

Jessy Noreen (Haw) 6.1

Amber Vold (Breck) 5.4

Kally Anderson (DGF) 5.2

Mary Guck (Per) 4.38

Mandy Mercil (DGF) 4.3

Kristi Smith (Fra) 3.88

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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