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Eagle wrestlers host quad

Michael Meyer won by fall at 52 seconds against Badger-Greenbush-Middle River's Brendon Dostal.1 / 2
Tyler Ehnert got New York Mills on the right track winning his match 6-0 over Corey Hasbrouck.2 / 2

The Badger-Greenbush-Middle River Gators gave the host New York Mills Eagles wrestling team a run for their money defeating the Eagles 42-18 at the host's quadrangular in front of a packed house.

"That was some great wrestling in the sport center and I would like to thank Blake Groes band and the fans that were there supporting New York Mills wrestling," Niemi said. "I think our program can deliver that kind of excitement every night; you just have to be there."

New York Mills would bounce back with victories over Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, 45-21, and Staples-Motley 37-24 to finish with a record of 2-1.

At 103 pounds, Tommy Selander threw BGMR's Ryan Bergeron around the mat but Bergeron would hang on for a tight 4-2 win.

The second match of the night was a slugfest between class A number one-ranked Isaac Novacek for the Gators and number three-ranked Eagle Shane Novak.

The two dueled with a lot of hand fighting and stalemates. Novacek prevailed 3-1 in a close match.

The Gators took a third consecutive match when Brandon Wagge pinned Andre Perala at 119 pounds.

The Eagles trailed 12-0 before Tyler Ehnert rallied for a convincing 6-0 victory over Cory Hasbrouck at 125 pounds.

The Gators were victorious in six of the remaining eight matches.

Michael Meyer had an impressive pin of Brendan Dostal at 52 seconds and Tyler Patron won by a point, 4-3, over Anthony Lorenson at 215 pounds for the final two New York Mills wins.

"Against DGF and Staples we got off to good starts," Head Coach Eric Niemi said. "We got into some bonus points and kept the matches we lost close."

Selander and Novak both bounced back against Tanner McDowell and Wyatt Whiteaker, of DGF. Selander won by fall at 1:15. Novak finished off Whiteaker at 1:07.

Noah Pesola won by fall over Alex Devany at 1:50. Max Carlson, at 215, won by fall at 2:45 leading the Eagles to the 45-21 victory.

Against Staples-Motley, Selander won by ball at 2:40 over Gage Brown.

Novak won a 6-2 decision over Blake Miller. Ehnert won by fall at 3:48 over David Hobson.

Maison Roberts shutout Brady Killoun 4-0. Kyle Vorderbruggen also pitched a shutout with a convincing 10-0 victory over Tyler Pogreba.

The Cardinals would get victories at 152, 160 and 171 pounds, and at heavyweight, but Pesola's 9-8 squeaker by Chandler Trout and Patron winning by fall at 1:38 sealed the 37-24 victory.

December 10, 2010

New York Mills Quadrangular

New York Mills 45 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 21

103 Jeremiah Harper (NYM) Won by Forfeit

112 Tommy Selander (NYM) Fall James McDowell (DGF) 1:15

119 Shane Novak (NYM) Fall Wyatt Whiteaker (DGF) 1:07

125 Alex Johnson (DGF) Dec. Tyler Ehnert (NYM) 9-4

130 Chad Johnson (DGF) Dec. Taylor Ericksrud (NYM) 6-1

135 Maison Roberts (NYM) Dec. Tanner Hennen (DGF) 8-1

140 Cole Sogge (DGF) Dec. Kyle Vorderbrugeen ( NYM) 3-0

145 Micheal Meyer (NYM) Dec. Ryan Hamernik (DGF) 11-5

152 Peter Stark (NYM) Dec. Austin Hawk (DGF) 5-1

160 Seth Hofland (NYM) Won by Forfeit

171 Shawn Johnson (DGF) Fall Ty Bell (NYM) 1:12

189 Noah Pesola (NYM) Fall Alex Devang (DGF) 1:50

215 Max Carlson (NYM) Fall Nick Evans (DGF) 2:45

285 Mason Remund (DGF) Won by Forfeit

New York Mills 37 Staples-Motley 24

103 Tommy Selander (NYM) Fall Gage Brown (STM) 2:40

112 Shane Novak (NYM) Dec. Blake Miller (STM) 6-2

119 Josh Becker (STM) Dec. Andrew Perala (NYM) 7-1

125 Tyler Ehnert (NYM) Fall David Hobson (STM) 3:48

130 Maison Roberts (NYM) Dec. Brady Killan (STM) 4-0

135 Jordan Heldman (STM) Fall Taylor Ericksrud (NYM) 1:36

140 Kyle Vorderbruggen (NYM) Maj. Dec. Tyler Pogreba (STM) 10-0

145 Mike Meyer (NYM) Fall Tom Zoellner (STM) 1:30

152 Gavin Kadlec (STM) Dec. Peter Stark (NYM) 5-1

160 Brent Lisson (STM) Dec. Seth Hofland (NYM) 2-1

171 Blake Petrich (STM) Dec. Ty Bell (STM) 6-1

189 Noah Pesola (NYM) Dec. Chandler Trout (STM) 9-8

215 Tyler Patron (NYM) Fall STM (Unknown) 1:38

285 David Deyonge (STM) Fall Zach Umland (NYM) 5:08

Badger-Greenbush/Middle River 42 New York Mills 18

103 Ryan Bergeron (BGMR) Dec. Tommy Selander (NYM) 4-2

112 Isaac Novacek (BGMR) Dec. Shane Novak (NYM) 3-1 OT

119 Brandon Waage (BGMR) Fall Andrew Perala (NYM) 3:03

125 Tyler Ehnert (NYM) Dec. Corey Hasbrouck (BGMR) 6-0

130 Jake Hessig (NYM) Won by Forfeit

135 Jake Jenson (BGMR) Dec. Kyle Vorderbruggen (NYM) 3-1

140 Thomas Gullickson (BGMR) Fall Andrew Minderman (NYM) :48

145 Micheal Meyer (NYM) Fall Brendon Dostal (BGMR) :52

152 Tomm Ingle (BGMR) Dec. Peter Stark (NYM) 14-7

160 Te Jay Wojchowski (BGMR) Dec. Seth Holfand (NYM) 4-1

171 Timm Ingle (BGMR) Fall Noah Pesola (NYM) 3:10

189 Ben Evans (BGMR) Maj. Dec. Ty Bell (NYM) 12-4

215 Tyler Patron (NYM) Dec. Anthony Lorenson (BGMR) 4-3

285 Alex Yeager (BGMR) Won by Forfeit

Badger-Greenbush/Middle River 51 Dilworth-Glydon-Felton 24

103 Ryan Bergeron (BGMR) won by forfeit

112 Isaac Novacek (BGMR) fall Tanner McDowell (DGF) 1:52

119 Brandon Waage (BGMR) fall Wyatt Whiteaker (DGF) :44

125 Alex Johnson (DGF) maj. dec. Cory Hasbrouck (BGMR) 19-7

130 Chad Johnson (DGF) won by forfeit

135 Jake Jenson (BGMR) fall Tanner Hennen (DGF)

140 Thomas Gullikson (BGMR) fall Cole Sogge (DGF) 1:09

145 Ryan Hamernick (DGF) tech. fall Brenden Dostal (BGMR) 5:21

152 Tomm Ingle (BGMR) fall Austin Hawk (DGF) 5:55

160 Tejay Wojchowski (BGMR) won by forfeit

171 Shawn Johnson (DGF) won by forfeit

189 Hunter Rosenfeldt (DGF) dec. Ben Evans (BGMR) 3-1

215 Anthony Lorenson (BGMR) dec. Jake Hanson (DGF) 13-8

285 Alex Yeager (BGMR) fall Mason Remund (DGF) 1:53

Badger-Greenbush/Middle River 43 Staples-Motley 24

103 Ryan Bergeron (BGMR) dec. Gage Brown (STM) 8-2

112 Isaac Novacek (BGMR) maj. dec Blake Miller (STM) 18-8

119 Brandon Waage (BGMR) dec. Josh Becker (STM) 5-3

125 Cory Hasbrouck (BGMR) fall David Hobsen 2:27

130 Brady Killian (STM) won by forfeit

135 Jordan Heldman (STM) dec. Jake Jenson 4-2

140 Thomas Gullikson (BGMR) fall Tyler Pogreba (STM) 1:55

145 Brenden Dostal (BGMR) fall Tom Zoellner (STM) 1:59

152 Tomm Ingle (BGMR) dec. Gavin Kadlec (STM) 8-5

160 Brent Lisson (STM) fall Tejay Wojchowski (BGMR) 2:43

171 Blake Petrich (STM) won by dq. Timm Ingle (BGMR) 5:21

189 Chandler Trout (STM) dec. Ben Evans (BGMR) 10-5

215 Anthony Lorenson (BGMR) fall Cody Drone (STM) 2:36

285 Alex Yeager (BGMR) fall David Deyonge (STM) :18

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 38, Staples-Motley 33

103: Gage Brown (STM) Won by Forfeit

112: Blake Miller (STM) Fall James McDowell (DGF) 1:47

119: Josh Becker (STM) Fall Wyatt Whiteaker (DGF) 5:25

125: Alex Johnson (DGF) Fall David Hobson (STM) 3:47

130: Chad Johnson (DGF) Fall Brady Killian (STM) 2:59

135: Tanner Hennen (DGF) Dec. Tyler Progreba (STM) 7-1

140: Jordan Heldman (STM) Dec. Cole Sogge (DGF) 7-2

145: Ryan Hammernik (DGF) Fall Tom Zoellner (STM) 3:43

152: Gavin Kadlec (STM) Fall Austin Hawk (DGF) 3:43

160: Brent Lisson (STM) Won by Forfeit

171: Shawn Johnson (DGF) Maj. Dec. Blake Petrich (STM 17-2

189: Hunter Rosenfeldt (DGF) Dec. Chandler Trout (STM) 10-9

215: Jake Hanson (DGF) Fall Cody Drone (STM) :57

285: Mason Remund (DGF) Dec. David Deyong (STM) 4-2