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Swimmers fifth at Brainerd Invitational

The Perham boys swimming and diving team finished fifth in last week's Brainerd Invitational.

Four Yellowjackets swam section-qualifying times.

Jayden Cullen qualified for sections in the 200 freestyle. Matt Shipman qualified in the 50 freestyle. Zach Langendorfer qualified in the 100 butterfly and Ben Collette qualified in the 100 freestyle.

"This was a fast meet with great Class AA competition," Head Coach Sheri Ressler said. "The boys did a good job and dropped a significant amount of time since we swam a couple of weeks ago."

Ben Collette had a strong day finishing seventh in the 100 freestyle, sixth in the 100 backstroke and sixth and seventh place as part of the 200 medley relay and 400 free relay teams.

# 1 Male 200 Medley Relay A 6th place

1 Collette, Ben (SR)

2 Langendorfer, Zach (SO)

3 Swanson, Randy (JR)

4 Shipman, Matt (JR)

# 1 Male 200 Medley Relay B 9th place

1 Hofland, Chad (JR)

2 Murphy, Mark (SO)

3 Swanson, Paul (SO)

4 Sullivan, Ben (FR)

# 1 Male 200 Medley Relay C X

1 Potts, Luke (FR)

2 Eggert, Alexander (7)

3 Siira, Jonathon (FR)

4 Wunderlich, Jesse (SO)

# 2 Male 200 Free

Cullen, Jayden (FR) 10th place

Covington, Leighton (FR) 17th place

Young, Joshua (FR) 19th place

Thompson, Kevin (JR) 20th place

# 3 Male 200 IM

Murphy, Mark (SO) 15th place

Swanson, Paul (SO) 16th place

Potts, Luke (FR) 19th place

Brown, Troy (FR) x

# 4 Male 50 Free

Shipman, Matt (JR) 8th place

Murphy, Patrick (7) 17th place

Hadler, Tyler (SO) 18th place

Wunderlich, Jesse (SO) 21st place

Eggert, Alexander (7) 23rd place

# 5 Male 1 Meter 6 Dives

Shipman, Mark (FR) 11th place

# 6 Male 100 Fly

Swanson, Randy (JR) 7th place

Langendorfer, Zach (SO) 10th place

Swanson, Paul (SO) 12th place

Siira, Jonathon (FR) 17th place

# 7 Male 100 Free

Collette, Ben (SR) 7th place

Sullivan, Ben (FR) 15th place

Young, Joshua (FR) 17th place

Brown, Todd (FR) 23rd place

# 8 Male 500 Free

Cullen, Jayden (FR) 7th place

Hofland, Chad (JR) 15th place

Murphy, Patrick (7) 20th place

Thompson, Kevin (JR) 21st place

# 9 Male 200 Free Relay A 6th place

1 Shipman, Matt (JR)

2 Murphy, Mark (SO)

3 Langendorfer, Zach (SO)

4 Cullen, Jayden (FR)

# 9 Male 200 Free Relay B

1 Covington, Leighton (FR)

2 Siira, Jonathon (FR)

3 Potts, Luke (FR)

4 Young, Joshua (FR)

# 9 Male 200 Free Relay C 15th place

1 Brown, Todd (FR)

2 Eggert, Alexander (7)

3 Brown, Troy (FR)

4 Hadler, Tyler (SO)

# 10 Male 100 Back

Collette, Ben (SR) 6th place

Swanson, Randy (JR) 15th place

Hofland, Chad (JR) 16th place

Sullivan, Ben (FR) 17th place

# 11 Male 100 Breast

Langendorfer, Zach (SO) 8th place

Murphy, Mark (SO) 14th place

Covington, Leighton (FR) 18th place

Brown, Todd (FR) x

# 12 Male 400 Free Relay A 7th place

1 Shipman, Matt (JR)

2 Sullivan, Ben (FR)

3 Cullen, Jayden (FR)

4 Collette, Ben (SR)

# 12 Male 400 Free Relay B 11th place

1 Swanson, Paul (SO)

2 Hofland, Chad (JR)

3 Swanson, Randy (JR)

4 Young, Joshua (FR)

# 12 Male 400 Free Relay C x

1 Potts, Luke (FR)

2 Brown, Troy (FR)

3 Thompson, Kevin (JR)

4 Siira, Jonathon (FR)

Team Scores:

1. Brainered 635

2. Monticello 542

3. Melrose/Sauk Center 376.5

4. Bemidji 329.5

5. Perham 215

6. Moorhead 146