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NY Mills hoop shoot winners

Local Hoop Shoot Place Winners: Front Row L to R: Tiffany Thompson, Brenna Thompson, Harley Wurst, Corey Roberts, Daunte Leiran, Jack Pikula Back Row: Kaitlyn Kane, Kaitlyn Thomson, Rhiana Roberts, Lydia Irons, Ellie Rutten, Carson Mann, Sam Pikula, Austin Maneval, Skylar Mursu, Sam Hendrickx, Taylor Cooley, Cole Tumberg.

New York Mills recently held their local hoop shoot contest.

There were three age divisions for both boys and girls: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13.

Winners advanced to the Wadena Elks Lodge Hoop Shoot contest last Saturday, January 22.

Local winners were:


Ages 8-9

1. Harley Wurst

2. Brenna Thompson

3. Tiffany Thompson

Ages 10-11

1. Kaitlyn Thompson

2. Rhiana Roberts

3. Kaitlyn Kane

Ages 12-13

1. Lydia Irons

2. Ellie Rutten

3. Carson Mann


Ages 8-9

1. Corey Roberts

2. Daunte Leiran

3. Jack Pikula

Ages 10-11

1. Skylar Mursu

2. Sam Pikula

3. Cole Tumberg

Ages 12-13

1. Sam Hendrickx

2. Austin Maneval

3. Taylor Cooley