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Moenkedick scores 1,000th

Katrina Moenkedick scored her 1,000th point on this shot after grabbing a loose ball in the paint. She joins her sister Elisa and Aunt Mary on the list of Perham players scoring over 1,000.1 / 2
Moenkedick is swarmed by friends and members of the boys basketball team after scoring her 1,000th point.2 / 2

Basketball runs in Katrina Moenkedick's family.

Moenkedick, who scored her 1,000th point on Friday, Feb. 4 against Breckenridge, is not the first basketball player in her family to reach the milestone.

Her sister Elisa is the leading scorer in Perham girl's history with 1,555 points, and her aunt Mary scored 1,003 points. Her cousin, Mary's son, Tydan Sorrusten, scored over 2,000 points at Pelican Rapids.

Katrina, a junior, hopes to reach and pass Elisa's point total next year.

"She knows I probably will pass her," Katrina said. "She told me I better, or that means I probably messed up."

Elisa is currently attending Winona State University and participating in Track and Field.

When Elisa comes home to Perham during break, Katrina said, the two play basketball against each other.

"I usually win those games now. You can tell that Elisa's gotten a little rusty," Katrina said, laughing.

Katrina said that her basketball career started in fourth grade. Mark Drier, coach of the Perham girl's B-Team, saw her playing indoor soccer with friends and suggested she take up basketball. Since then, Katrina said, Drier has had a large influence on her basketball career.

Katrina, homeschooled until seventh grade, said that basketball has always been a constant in her life. Her friends would come out to play 'farm ball' on the hoop at her family's dairy farm, she said.

Now at 16-2, the girls' team continues to string together wins, and Katrina pointed to the Jan. 14 game in Hawley, Minn., as an important season milestone.

"People were joking beforehand that we didn't have a chance," she said. "Then we won, and it was a full-team effort."

Despite being 9-0 in the conference, Katrina said that the team expects a difficult stretch throughout the rest of the season.

During the victory against Breckenridge, friends and classmates mobbed Katrina after she scored her 1,000th point. She said that though she wasn't personally keeping track of her point total leading up to Friday night's game, her friends had been throughout the season.

One such friend that had been keeping track, she said, was junior and close friend Zach Gabbard, who remains hospitalized after collapsing during a game in Glyndon, Minn.

"Zach had been joking with me," she said. "He told me that I better not do it when he wasn't there."

On Feb. 6, Katrina and friends traveled to Minneapolis to visit Gabbard in the hospital.

"He was sleeping," she said. "But it was good to see him."

Katrina is the tenth girl's player in PHS history to reach 1,000 points.