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Football: Trojans shut out Eagles

Ending the regular season against the #3 state-ranked team a class above is going to be a tall task and New York Mills found out just how tall coming out on the short end of a 54-0 shutout on the road.

"We lost to the best football team that I have seen in many years on Wednesday night," Head Coach Matt Radniecki said. "The Barnesville Trojans are an excellent offensive team and defensive team."

The Trojans held the Eagles to just 88 yards of total offense: 57 on the ground, 31 yards passing.

"On defense they are just as good as their team speed is outstanding and they read and react very well."

Barnesville ran for 297 yards and scored all eight of their touchdowns rushing.

"We really had very little success against them and it is so hard to key on any one player as they have a great group of skilled offensive players. They block and execute their offense almost to perfection."

NY Mills turned the ball over three times and were able to get a turnover out of the Trojans.

But it was all for naught, as Barnesville built a comfortable 47-0 advantage by halftime.

"I am proud we didn't quit and we didn't just give up. It was a hard defeat to take as Barnesville really took it to us but better days are ahead for us and we are not going to face anybody better than Barnesville. You have to give them credit, as they are a very good football team. We have our playoff game on Tuesday night and we look forward to a better performance on the field."

NY Mills is seeded seventh in section 6A, one QRF point above West Central Area. The Eagles only win this season came in a 20-0 victory over West Central Area on Homecoming.

That one point saves the Eagles from an even nastier fate, that being facing the Mahnomen Indians, a team that has throttled every opponent played this season.

The Indians average allowing only 4.3 points per game. West Central, winless on the season, will need a miracle to even score in that game.

As the seven-seed, the Eagles will face two-seeded Browerville on the road Tuesday, Oct. 25. The Eagles lost to Browerville 36-0 at home Friday, Oct. 14.