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Perham's all-time leading girls basketball scorer: Katrina Moenkedick

Katrina Moenkedick set a new school record for scoring in girls basketall with a career total of 1,563. The former top mark was held at 1,555 points by her sister, Elisa Moenkedick.

Perham senior post Katrina Moenkedick surpassed her sister Elisa as Perham's all-time girls basketball leading scorer in the last game of her career at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, a 65-51 loss to the Rebels.

"I was really upset that we lost," Moenkedick said. "People were congratulating me but I wasn't even happy about it, really."

Since the game, the sting of the playoff loss has subsided somewhat and it never hurts to have a close sister to share a similar fate.

Elisa and Katrina are two years apart and played together in Perham beginning in Katrina's freshman year. She got to watch Elisa put the Perham scoring standard of 1,555 points up first hand.

Katrina scored 17 points against the Rebels to set the new mark at 1,563.

"We talked about it before the year because we knew there was a chance," Katrina said. "She was really happy for me."

"I was really excited about it, actually, and very proud of her," Elisa said. "I remember Mom would bring us into the PACC a lot. We had a sibling rivalry and would pick on each other. We did a lot of shooting. Good memories."

According to both sisters, the Moenkedick's got their start playing at, per Katrina, 'our old junky basketball hoop' at our farm.

There must have been some magic in that hoop. That cylinder produced two of Perham's best girls basketball players in school history.

"Katrina is a special basketball player and I feel very fortunate to have walked into a situation like this and get to coach someone with her talents and work ethic," Perham Girls Head Coach John Gullingsrud said. "It is hard to say she is the best when comparing her to Elisa because they were quite different players. Kat is more of the quick and athletic slasher who we had play inside while Elisa was a true post player that had tremendous strength around the basket."

Both coach and player have created a special bond in the past three years.

"I've become pretty close with him and Amber his wife," Katrina said. "They've been there for me for everything. It's going to be hard to go to a new coach after the past three years. He and Amber will definitely stay in my life. He's not just a coach."

"Kat continues to add dimensions to her game though, as she really is working on her outside shot for the next level which will be key for her," said Gullingsrud. "She is probably the most dedicated to the game that I've seen and really enjoys the game like no other I've seen here. The scary part is I think she will continue to get better and is going to be a fantastic player at Crookston the next four years."

Katrina will be joining Elisa in taking her athletic career to the college level.

Elisa, a former state track champion at Perham, is a star on the Winona State University track team.

Katrina will be taking her talents to the University of Minnesota, Crookston, a place she chose for her own reasons, passing up offers from other schools around the region.

"Even Crookston is a little too big for me," said Katrina. "I hate big towns. Crookston makes me feel right at home. There's a barn on campus. It's the right distance from home. I really like my coach. I like Division II. I think that's where I'll fit in good."

Like many graduating seniors, thoughts of college life outside of sports can be less than assured and prone to instant changes.

"I always thought I might want to do something in agriculture," she said. "Now I have no idea what I want to do."

Luckily, there is a final spring in Perham and Katrina is assured she will always want to come back to the area. Even a fun opportunity like leaving for college is an emotional trip for the Perham senior.

"It's sad," she said of her feelings about leaving Perham. "I probably want to live here. I'd like to come back and coach."

Katrina has one more high school basketball game to play: the Minnesota Coaches Association all-star game in April.

The game will cap off what has been a bittersweet senior season.

"It was frustrating going from being on varsity since ninth grade and playing with so many talented players," Katrina said. "This year, nobody had really played before. I kind of knew going in I had to be a little more patient with the girls because of the lack of experience."

She shared that experience with fellow senior Becky Stoll. The duo combined to lead the Yellowjackets in scoring nearly every game this year.

"Our families have always been close," Katrina said. "We've been like sisters since childhood. We had to lean on each other this year."

Stoll is undecided on which school she is going to attend, but has the University of North Dakota on her radar, which would put the two Perham stars only 25 miles apart.

Katrina's college season will begin the second week of school next fall. Until then, her plans involve working out and improving her game.

"The night after we lost, coach called and was ready to get everything started. He told me there's definitely a chance I'll be an immediate impact player."

There little doubt in that after the numbers Moenkedick has compiled here in Perham. The idea that she will be an impact player is far more fact than speculation.

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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