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State Basketball: 'Two' be continued...

Paul Gregersen/FOCUS3 / 19
Paul Gregersen/FOCUS4 / 19
Mike Wiskow hits the floor during pre-game line-up announcements. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS5 / 19
Jordan Bruhn led the Yellowjackets with 21 points in the state quarterfinal victory. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS6 / 19
Josh Nordick takes a bump down low under the rim. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS7 / 19
Paul Gregersen/FOCUS8 / 19
Mark Schumacher scored eight points in Perham's state quarterfinal win. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS9 / 19
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Paul Gregersen/FOCUS12 / 19
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Paul Gregersen/FOCUS14 / 19
Jordan Cresap scored 13 points. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS15 / 19
Jordan Bruhn drives the lane for a lay-up. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS16 / 19
Paul Gregersen/FOCUS17 / 19
Mark Schumacher goes to the hoop for tow. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS18 / 19
Jordan Anderson gets clobbered trying to score. Paul Gregersen/FOCUS19 / 19

MINNEAPOLIS - For the first time in two years, the Perham boys basketball team can finally move beyond the number three.

After Wednesday's Minnesota State High School League Boys Basketball Tournament quarterfinal victory over the Worthington Trojans, the only number that matters for the Yellow Jackets now, is two.

Two games left in order to mark two state championships in a row.

The highs, lows and Perham's community support of last year's storybook championship which rallied around Zach Gabbard and his near fatal collapse on a Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton court are well documented. The season was dedicated to Gabbard. The entire Perham community wore number three shirts, Gabbard's number, and held three fingers in the air at every possible chance.

But the Yellow Jackets officially put all of that behind them as they victoriously walked off the Target Center floor Wednesday, Gabbard in uniform with them, marking the symbolic step forward.

"This was a very special win for a very, very special team," said Yellow Jackets head coach Dave Cresap. "These are very special kids."

However, the Yellow Jackets didn't have a particularly special first half offensively, shooting 9-22 from the field.

"We had plenty of shots, we just couldn't make them," said head Cresap said.

Worthington had a game-high five-point lead with 4:12 left in the half, when the Trojans dominant big man, Mitch Weg, scored his 15th point.

Perham responded with, not surprisingly, two unanswered buckets. The first was a break away layup by Jordan Bruhn, wearing number two of course, and the second, perhaps the biggest Yellow Jacket shot of the night, a Jordan Cresap three pointer that tied the score 22-22. A whistle blew shortly after on a Trojan penalty and the dedicated Perham crowd was the loudest it was all night.

The clock read 2:22.

Weg scored another basket with a minute left and the Yellow Jackets headed to the locker room at the half with a small deficit to overcome. You guessed it, two points.

During half time, Cresap offered a challenge to his squad. "Without saying too much about what I said, let's just say they responded overwhelmingly," Cresap said. "They made me a happy camper."

True to form for the Yellow Jackets, their tough defense overtook the Trojans in the second half.

"I think we just wore them down," Cresap said.

It didn't hurt that Perham connected almost 60 percent of their shots in the second half. The biggest coming at 3:36 when Bruhn broke away for another layup, scoring his Yellow Jackets high 21 points and giving Perham their first lead of the game.

Zach Gabbard, the Yellow Jacket bench and Perham faithful in the stands went ballistic, holding their all-familiar three fingers in the air.

But at that moment, Perham didn't look back, as they held Worthington to just five points the rest of the game.

They will continue to look forward heading into Friday's semi-finals match-up against fourth ranked Litchfield and all the while leaving last year's drama behind them, while creating new memories for players, coaches and the tight-knit Perham community.

For a second time.


Class 2A Boys State Basketball Friday's Semifinals at Target Center

6 p.m./ Perham (28-2) vs. Litchfield (25-4)

8 p.m./ Plainview-Elgin-Millville (25-6) vs. Braham (30-1)


Box Score

Worthington vs Perham

3/21/12 6:00pm at Target Center

At Target Center



Weg, Mitch 11-16 2-4 24; Henning, Lucas 3-7 0-0 9; Traylor, Morgan 3-9 0-0

6; Vorwald, Jon 1-4 0-0 2; Grafing, Spencer 1-3 0-0 2; Reller, Jon 1-2 0-0

2; Potter, Marcus 1-2 0-0 2; Wetering, Dan 0-1 0-0 0; Verdoorn, Tyler 0-1

0-0 0. Totals 21-45 2-4 47.

PERHAM (28-2)

Bruhn, Jordan 8-14 3-4 21; Cresap, Jordan 6-9 0-1 13; Schumacher, Mark 3-9

2-3 8; Anderson, Jordan 1-6 3-4 5; Wiskow, Mike 2-3 0-0 4; Nordick, Josh 0-0 0-0 0; Cavanagh, Dan 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 20-41 8-12 51.

Worthington................... 24 23 - 47

Perham........................ 22 29 - 51

3-point goals--Worthington 3-10 (Henning, Lucas 3-7; Vorwald, Jon 0-1;

Grafing, Spencer 0-1; Wetering, Dan 0-1), Perham 3-12 (Bruhn, Jordan 2-3;

Cresap, Jordan 1-4; Anderson, Jordan 0-4; Schumacher, Mark 0-1). Fouled

out--Worthington-None, Perham-None. Rebounds--Worthington 26 (Weg, Mitch

10), Perham 23 (Schumacher, Mark 8). Assists--Worthington 4 (Henning, Lucas

1; Wetering, Dan 1; Weg, Mitch 1; Vorwald, Jon 1), Perham 7 (Bruhn, Jordan

7). Total fouls--Worthington 16, Perham 9. Technical

fouls--Worthington-None, Perham-None.