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Gabriele Anderson reinstated for Sunday's 1500m final (VIDEO)

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Alice Schmidt is shown bumping a fellow racer in the same race. Schmidt slides into the finals because of Anderson's disqualification. Screen grab courtesy Twitter user: @crtside3 / 3

EUGENE Ore. -- According to a Twitter post from Gabriele Anderson's sister Abby Anderson, Perham's Olympic hopeful has been reinstated, upon appeal, for Sunday's running of the 1500 Meter Final, after initially being disqualified for bumping into another runner on the last lap of her semifinal race.

Gabriele immediately tweeted, "THANK GOD I'M BACK IN THE FINAL! Gabe has been reinstated!" obviously remarking on the rabid dedication of her followers and the #reinstategabe hashtag campaign that swept Twitter over the course of Saturday's wait on a decision.

Alice Schmidt had moved into the finals after Anderson's disqualification. Furthering the controversy was a screen grab posted of Schmidt impeding a runner in the same race by Twitter user @crtside. Schmidt will also advance to Sunday's final.

According to USA Track and Field, the jury of appeals has met and will be advancing 13 people, rather than 12, to the final of the womens 1500m.

Reports about contact made between Anderson and Amy Mortimer in the last lap were the center of the controversy. Mortimer has not been officially named as having made the complaint.

According to a Minneapolis Star-Tribune report, a spokesperson for Anderson's training group Team USA Minnesota said another runner filed a protest after the semifinals. The runner alleged that Anderson impeded her. Team USA Minnesota coach Dennis Barker filed the appeal.

"Those races get ugly because everyone's bunched up. You'd rather get a clean run," Anderson said in a post-race interview.

Twitter was abuzz about the decision. A hashtag campaign was set up for comments in support of Anderson's reinstatement #reinstategabe.

Visit and search #reinstategabe to keep up with the latest fan reactions.

Original results:

1 Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:09.96 Q

2 Gabriele Anderson Brooks / Team USA Minnesota 4:10.08 Q

3 Katherine Mackey Brooks 4:10.54 Q

4 Sara Vaughn Nike 4:10.57 Q

5 Sarah Bowman New Balance 4:10.65 Q

6 Alice Schmidt Nike 4:10.94

7 Amy Mortimer Saucony 4:12.04

8 Kate Grace Oiselle / New Jersey New York 4:12.92

9 Phoebe Wright Nike 4:13.65

10 Heather Kampf Asics / Team USA Minnesota 4:14.03

11 Jordan Hasay Oregon 4:15.52

12 Melissa Salerno New Balance 4:16.33

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