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Perham 8th Grade Football Team kicks-off year with scrimmage.

With the first signs of fall in the air the 8th grade football team took the grid iron in an annual scrimmage against neighboring OTC. It is always a process to get to this point of the season as these dedicated athletes start with conditioning before school even starts, than conditioning with pads, and on to contact drills. There is always an excited anticipation that comes with the first chance to tackle someone from another team.

The young Jackets started their year with some varying success. OTC would move the ball for a couple of scores, but also were stopped a couple of times by the hometown defense.

When it came time for the jackets to have the ball, they took this opportunity to score touchdowns through the air and on the ground. The balanced attacked seemed to keep the Bulldogs off balanced for a good part of the scrimmage.

The Jacket defense really showed improvements as the night went on. Each athlete seemed to come up with some play that would help the Jackets to tackle the ball carrier.

As all seasons go there is much to work on, but it was an awesome night, against a very good opponent, and a great learning experience.