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Top brass shoot at Tuffy's Pet Food Open

L-R: Mark Vanderbloomer, Deon Thompson, Bob Rick, Don Kalland, Scott Melchisedich, Ray Polensky, Tony Lowe, and Lyndon Roberts.

PERHAM — Top brass members of the Minnesota Skeet Shooters Association attended the Tuffy’s Pet Food Open at Fort Thunder Shooting Center July 19-20.

President Deon Thompson, Executive Vice President Mark Vanderbloomer, Treasurer Donald Kalland, Secretary Ronald Chandler and National Directors Deon Thompson and Scott Melchisedich all participated in the annual, registered shoot in Perham.

The tournament was co-sponsored by Fort Thunder and Tuffy’s Dog Food. Bags of Nutrisource dog food were handed out as door prizes.

There was $500 added money plus a $5 return per entry, along with an added bird handicap event making a total payout of $900.

“Thanks to Tuffy’s and all who participated in this two day event,” Fort Thunder Owner LeRoy Atkinson said. “Even the weather cooperated, which made the tournament a great success.”

Tuffy’s Pet Food Open results:


Class AA: Bob Rick, Fergus Falls, Gun Champion, 98/100

Class A: Deon Thompson 94/100

Class B: Don Kalland 96/100; Second place: Harvey Pyle, Fargo, 95/100

Class C: Lyndon Roberts, Bemidji, 97/100; Second place: Scott Melchisedich 96/100; Third place: Ray Polensky, Texas, 95/100


Class AA: Bob Rick, Gun Champion, 99/100

Class A: Tony Lowe, Minneapolis, 98/100; Second place: Ray Polesnky 92/100; Third place: Mark Vanderbloomer, 91/100

Class B: Scott Melchisedich, 95/100; Second place: Don Kalland, 91/100

Class C: Lyndon Roberts, 94/100; Second place: Gordy Schellberg, Andover, 68/100.


Class AA: Bob Rick, 97*; Second place: Tony Lowe, 93

Class A: Scott Melchisedich, 97*; Second place: Mark Vanderbloomer, 94

Class B: Harvey Pyle, 89

Class C: Ray Polensky, 94; Second place: Lyndon Roberts, 92

Melchisedich defeated Rick in a shoot-off for Gun Champion.

410 Gauge

Class AA: Tony Lowe, 91

Class A: Bob Rick, 92; Second place: Deon Thompson 91

Class B: Scott Melchisedich, Gun Champion, 95; Second place: Mark Vanderbloomer, 90

Class C: Harvey Pyle, 88; Second place: Ray Polensky, 85

Class D: Lyndon Roberts, 83


Class AA: Bob Rick, Gun Champion, 97

Class B: Harvey Pyle, 94; Second place: Deon Thompson, 93; Third place: Mark Vanderbloomer, 93.