Post Bulletin Reporter John Molseed

John Molseed

Entertainment Reporter

John Molseed joined the Post Bulletin in 2018. He covers arts, culture, entertainment, nature and other fun stories he's surprised he gets paid to cover.

John studied Journalism and Japanese at the University of Iowa after flipping through a course catalog and stopping at the letter "j." When he's not writing articles about Southeast Minnesota artists and musicians, he's either picking banjo, brewing beer, biking or looking for other hobbies that begin with the letter "b."

Readers can reach John at 507-285-7713 or

Four months after a confusing piece of legislation made THC edibles legal in Minnesota, businesses and legalization advocates hope lawmakers further open the marijuana marketplace.
Seconds after Isaac Wolfgram shut the basement door, a tornado tore the roof off of their Racine, Minnesota, home in an unprecedented severe weather outbreak in December 2021.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is vying for a second term, said his GOP opponent Jim Schultz would use the office to restrict abortion access.
Members from about a dozen churches countered Graham's evangelical event Sunday with an inclusive, pro-LGBT demonstration.
Key supplies are increasing in price and decreasing in supply putting pressure on an industry still recovering from COVID-19 closures.
Gov. Tim Walz said his 15-year-old son, who attends high school in Mankato, Minnesota, came home traumatized after police responded to a fake call reporting an active shooter at the school Wednesday.
The 15-acre lot of apple trees in Rochester is now almost 10 times in size since it was purchased in 1962.
A Minnesota state warning has some retailers and producers taking a wait and see on THC-infused brews.
Not sure where to find firewood? Need tips for hikes or help setting up a tent? Campground hosts have your back.
The 4-year-old English Setter won best of the sport group — a first for a female of her breed.