Payson Leaving Lakes Region Arts Council


It is with regret that the LRAC Board recently accepted Connie Payson's resignation. After nearly eight years as LRAC's Executive Assistant and Artist Mentor Program Coordinator, it will be difficult to say goodbye to Connie.

We are happy for Connie though, as she will be taking advantage of the opportunity to join her husband in his new position. Connie and Mike have been juggling lives in both Minnesota and Missouri since early spring.

The LRAC Board and LRAC staff wish to take this opportunity to thank Connie for her commitment to helping LRAC support the Arts in our region. She has long been the cheerful first contact for folks calling or visiting our offices. The Artist Mentor students, parents and mentors have high praise for her management of the Artist Mentor Program. Connie has contributed to LRAC's work in so many ways it is difficult to give her proper acknowledgement. Thank you Connie for your work, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Certainly Connie will be missed and we wish her well in her new adventures. Connie's last day will be Nov. 21.