If you’ve seen someone far too bundled up or blasting their heater at the start of November, that’s likely me, Rebecca Mitchell.

I am joining the Perham and Wadena communities as a multi-media reporter — which means I’ll nestle into conversations quickly. As we converse, I hope to listen to and write your stories well.

For now, I’ll tell you some aspects that make me, me. My two warm home states are California and Texas. At heart, I am a California girl, though, I am grateful to have found journalism in Texas.

I began journalism with photography, an awe of nature and a need to fill the yearbook with photos. From then on, I enjoyed life through a camera lens and by interviewing people to write stories. The stories I’ve written and edited for newspapers, magazines and non-profits have challenged me to constantly re-learn people.

Besides my love for being a part of journalism, here are a few facts about me: I love the beach, bagels, flowers, cheesy romantic comedies, scarves, sunsets and reading a book in a few long sittings. I also enjoy cooking new recipes and playing fast-paced card games. While the first fact seems at best ironic here, I am eager to find the beauty in snow and the perseverance required to survive the winter.

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With a desire to write and to learn from each of you, I look forward to continuing the conversation online and in print.