Frazee woman's lakefront home catches HGTV's attention

Rita Moshier listed her home for sale at the end of May and was contacted by HGTV just a few weeks later. They wanted to feature her home on an upcoming show, and Moshier accepted.

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Rita Moshier's backyard features Town Lake, which is her favorite part of her home. "It's just so peaceful, the lake," she said. (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

FRAZEE -- Rita Moshier was shocked when she learned that the HGTV cable channel wanted to feature her home for an upcoming show.

HGTV representatives might have been shocked when they arrived to tape the show during Frazee's Turkey Days.

Moshier was busy helping with Turkey Days events Friday, July 26, when the crew was there setting up. She stopped by for a few minutes that evening, and was surprised to see all of her family photos, clocks, name-brand games and art with names on them removed.

"I have no idea what it's going to look like (on TV)," Moshier said with a laugh. "Somebody's going to say 'that person really had no idea how to decorate.'"

Moshier's home will be featured on an upcoming episode of "Lakefront Bargain Hunt." Although her episode doesn't have a set air-date yet, Chelsey Riemann, the Public Relations Manager for HGTV, said in an email to the Tribune that it will be on in the second quarter of 2020.


Moshier lives on Town Lake with 140 feet of lakeshore; the home is 2,240 square feet on a 24,829-square-foot lot, with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens -- one on the first level, one in the basement -- a detached garage, a partially fenced in yard, an electric fireplace and wood stove, city water and sewer and a floating dock on the lake.

She explained that HGTV found her home through an online listing that her real estate agent, Julie Bormann at Coldwell Bankers, had posted. Her house was listed at the end of May, and Bormann was contacted by HGTV just a few weeks later.

Once they confirmed that this was the real HGTV that was contacting them, Moshier decided to let them feature her home.

"When (Julie) called I was just like 'is this for real?'" Moshier said. "There's so many spoofs out there you just go 'uhhh.'"

HGTV's "Lakefront Bargain Hunt" helps home-seekers find a lake home that doesn't break their budget (Moshier's West Willow Avenue home is listed for $248,900). The buyers see several homes picked by HGTV and, in the end, they decide which home is the one for them.

Moshier believes the buyers for this episode toured her home on Saturday, July 27. She didn't receive an offer from them, so they must have chosen a different home, she said. It isn't known yet what other properties the homebuyers might have seen in the region.

This is bittersweet for Moshier: Her house is still on the market, but she has more time to enjoy it and her beautiful view of Town Lake.

"I do so love this place. I love the yard, I love the view, I could sit on that deck for hours. It's just so peaceful," Moshier said about her home.


porch a.JPG
When Rita Moshier sits on her deck, she can hear the laughter of kids at Town Lake's public access, the waves against the lake shore, and the birds enjoying the water. (Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

The view of Town Lake is the main reason Moshier bought her home. When she was looking at houses, she specifically searched for lake homes that were around this area.

"I love the water. I wanted to be by the lake," she said. "We'd always vacationed up in this area and we always said when we retire we're going to move up here."

Her husband died in 2001, and Moshier kept working until her son asked when she would be retiring. She toured the home, but didn't purchase it. Almost one year later, Moshier got a call asking if she was still interested in the house, as it was again on the market, and this time she said yes. In April 2013, Moshier moved into her new home.

When she moved in, Moshier started with an immediate list of projects. She removed one of the doors to the home, expanding her living room; changed where the mailbox was located; repainted most of the walls to a shade of blue; replaced windows and more.

"It's just project after project," Moshier said. "If I were to stay I'd probably be working on another project."

She's choosing to move so she can be closer to her family as she gets older, and so she doesn't have such a large place to take care of. Part of her yard has a hill that Moshier has to push mow, and since her garage is detached, she has to shovel herself a path to it every time it snows.


Moshier has a mix of grandchildren that are understanding about the move and looking forward to it for her, and others that don't want her to leave the property they've grown up loving.

After living on the lake for so long here, Moshier knows that she will need to find a new home that has a water view.

For now, she spends as much time as she can sitting on her deck and watching the water.

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(Desiree Bauer / Tribune)

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