New leadership at Perham Main Street real estate business

Nick Dockter is taking the reins from his parents as the new owner and broker at Real Estate Results.

Nick Dockter (right) is taking over as the role of owner and broker of Real Estate Results while his father Cal Dockter (left) takes a step back from leading the business. (Submitted photo)

Real Estate Results , which has occupied the old Chamber of Commerce building on Perham’s Main Street since it opened in 2008, will have new leadership at the beginning of the new year when Nick Dockter takes over the reins from his parents Cal and Nancy Dockter.

Nick Dockter joined his parents at their real estate business in 2012 after graduating from the University of North Dakota. Dockter said he will be taking over as owner and real estate broker for the company while his father stays on as a real estate agent.

“The really nice thing will be that my parents are still around where I can ask them how would you do this or how would you look at this,” Dockter said.

Dockter said Real Estate Results sells real estate around Perham, Detroit Lakes, parts of Wadena, and into Underwood and Battle Lake. He said this way they have a wide reach but it is still small enough that they know the area. This reach allows them to know the important things like, “what’s a good value? What’s a good price? What’s good land?” Dockter said.

Dockter said he had already started having a hand in running the business prior to him taking the reins from his parents. He said he was already working on things such as marketing, growing the business’s online presence and working on becoming more paperless.


“We use to do so much of the paperwork handwritten and meet people for signatures. Now it’s going a lot more E-signatures,” Dockter said.

Being able to do business with more paperless and virtual options has been a help this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve learned a lot since the shutdown,” Dockter said. “We can do a lot more things virtually.”

Dockter said at the start of the shutdown, business slowed up then started picking up again as people started to once again look at real estate. Video calls, virtual showings, safe showings, and paperless paperwork with E-signatures have become part of the way people have been looking at and buying real estate as the year has progressed and people have started to buy again.

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