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Ziegler receives Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation

Jason Ziegler, Whitetail Properties Minnesota Land Specialist/Team Leader Receives ALC Designation. Courtesy photo.

The Realtors Land Institute proudly announced that Jason Ziegler, Whitetail Properties Real Estate LLC Land Specialist of West Central Minnesota and North Dakota, has officially joined the prestigious ranks of those holding the Accredited Land Consultant designation. The Realtors Land Institute provides the education, tools, services, advice and networking opportunities that are the foundation for all land professionals to become the best in the business—to become an industry leading Accredited Land Consultant.

Ziegler is now among the most dedicated land professionals from around the globe, joining an elite group of 500 land specialists who hold the designation. In addition to subscribing to the Realtors Code of Ethics, ALCs support the high standards of conduct and experience that directly relate to their specialty. As an ALC, Ziegler has access to the best industry knowledge, network of fellow land professionals, and resources to help serve his clients' best interests, meet their goals and help landowners and aspiring land owners realize their dreams.

Through RLI's Land University (LANDU), Ziegler has gained an esteemed education to make him knowledgeable in all aspects of taxation, investment, brokerage, subdividing and planning regarding agricultural, transitional, recreational, timberland and more. This depth of knowledge translates into the highest level of service to clients, ensuring they receive the best services in the business when buying or selling a property.

Ziegler specializes in selling hunting, ranch, farm and timber properties. Upon receiving the designation, he expressed his excitement for reaching a career goal. Ziegler said, "I realize that selling or buying land is one of the most important transactions that a person will make in their lifetime and they want an agent with knowledge, expertise, connections, and experience to guide them through the process. I love the land, respect the American dream, and will always have their best interest at heart."