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Wanted: (Grumpy) Head brewer

Brett Doebbeling, part owner of Disgruntled Brewing, is no longer the brew master at the Perham micro-brewery. File photo

Disgruntled Brewing, which brand states it is "Home to one grumpy head brewer and countless great beers," is looking for a new head brewer.

Former head brewer Brett Doebbeling—the brainchild behind the craft beers that have become well-known among beer enthusiasts in the region and state—said he is stepping away from brewing for the company, located in Perham. Doebbeling, who created the recipes for Disgruntled and was known for the grumpy behavior associated with the Disgruntled brand and who had the vision to create a brewery, said he remains a part owner. He could not comment further on business matters.

Word of the brewmaster leaving left many in the craft beer industry fearful of changes coming to their favorite brews, which have included such year-round favorites as Stupid Good, Toasted Blonde, Lingerer and Menace to name a few. One online craft beer forum, Beeradvocate, which gives Disgruntled Brewing an exceptional rating among breweries, has long threads of conversations discussing what will become of the brews that Doebbeling created.

Disgruntled Brewing Marketing Manager Geri Salmela provided a statement from the company. "Disgruntled Brewing is not closing. Disgruntled Brewing is undergoing some changes, but we are open and continue to offer an excellent atmosphere to drink beer and relax."

No comments were shared as to what changes may come with the locally crafted beer.

Salmela did note that Disgruntled Brewing also offers their beer at other locations, including in Moorhead at JL Beers and 99 Bottles, as well as a few other select locations including The Cactus and Lakeside Tap. It celebrated its first pour at the location Feb. 7, 2016.