50 years ago

Corke faces first degree murder charge

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Asa Corke, 58, Amor Township, was formally charged with three counts of first degree murder in Perham Municipal Court. The charges resulted from an investigation by the sheriff's office after Corke told a jailer about an incident at the Roy Ledford farm. Corke directed the officers to the Ray Ledford home just west of Amor Park on the north shore of Otter Tail Lake. There they found the bodies of Sadie Corke, 62, Ray Ledford, 68, and his wife, Lillian, 66.

Service food opens this week in Perham

The new Service Food store located at the corner of highways 10 and 78 opens this week. The store features three checkout counters and spacious aisles.

David F. Jones assumes E-B Editorship

David F. Jones became editor of the Perham Enterprise-Bulletin according to Publisher H D Smalley. Jones is a 1967 graduate of Hamline University. He has been employed for the past two years by Pillsbury-Waite Neighborhood Services as a community organizer. This is the second time that Jones had edited the EB. He last did a stint as editor during the summer of 1967.

From the Thursday, July 10, 1969, Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

25 years ago

Brenda Holzer crowned Miss Perham

Brenda emerged from the five candidates vying for the crown held by Lois Porath. The 19-year-old had already been named as the talent winner and evening gown winner. The new Miss Perham is no stranger to the title. She is the current Miss Frazee.

Frank's Auto Body Shop moves to Perham

Frank's Body Shop has now moved to Perham, after operating the past 15 years in Frazee. Owner Frank Holzer said the move was largely made to get closer to the cabin he and Bev own on Big Pine Lake. Frank was involved in turkey farming 13 years, before getting involved in the body business. "I'd putzed around with body work all my life," he said. "I bought out Richard's Auto Body in 1979, and he continued to work for me. I learned a lot from him."

School officials scrambling, as middle school bids come in high

Bids for the $6 million project were opened, and were $465,000 higher than projected. "The team has been down this road before," said Fred Sailer, school coordinator for the project. "We've got a job to do, there's no use panicking."

From the Thursday, July 21, 1994, Perham Enterprise Bulletin