The East Otter Tail County Fair included eight Cloverbud cattle and 68 head of dairy cattle in the Dairy Show on Friday, July 20. 

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The judge for the dairy show was Mike Eichler of Oak Park, Minn.

Dairy award sponsors included Jon and Karen Gorentz, Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Dairyland Vet Service, LTD, Lakes Area Coop, and Justin and Marea Malone.

Dairy Trophy winners:

-Jr. Dairy Showmanship, Veronica Schwartz; Reserve, Isaac Blashack.

-Int. Dairy Showmanship, Hanna Ruckheim; Reserve, Brittany Bachmann.

-Sr. Dairy Showmanship, Jeremy Schwartz; Reserve, Ashley Bachmann.

-Champion Dairy Animal, Melissa Hendrickx; Reserve, Melissa Hendrickx.

-Top Grade Calf, Blake Malone; Reserve, Melissa Hendrickx.

-Top Dairy Animal, Melissa Hendrickx.



The 4-H Goat Show was held on Thursday, July 19 at the East Otter Tail County Fair. There were three Cloverbud and 30 other goats exhibited.

The judge for the goat show was Mark Joeger of Gibbon, Minn. 

Trophy sponsors included Dave and Yvonne Meyer of Perham, and the David and Janice Huwe family of New York Mills, in memory of Shaunalea Huwe.

Award winners:

-Champion Goat, Matthew Arens; Reserve, Zach Milligan.

-Sr. Goat Showmanship, Ellen Dauphinais; Reserve, Ted Hendrickx.

-Int. Goat Showmanship, Matthew Arens; Reserve, Sam Hendrickx.

-Jr. Goat Showmanship, Ben Hendrickx; Reserve, Madison Green.



Fifty-five horses were shown by 50 4-H club members at the Horse Show held July 21-22 at the Perham fairgrounds.

Trophy winners:

-Jr. Game Horse Champion, Talia Gabrielson; Reserve, Mesa Schultz.

-Int. Game Horse Champion, Emily Gallmeier; Reserve, Makayla Brauch.

-Sr. Game Horse Champion, Alyssa Gabrielson; Reserve, Rebekah Genoch.

-Horse Training Champion, Kelsey Hagerty; Reserve, None.

-Jr. Pleasure Horse Champion, Talia Gabrielson; Reserve, Mesa Schultz.

-Int. Pleasure Horse Champion, Kelsey Hagerty; Reserve, Makayla Brauch

-Sr. Pleasure Horse Champion, Micaela Lausten; Reserve, Alyssa Gabrielson. 

Trophy sponsors included Lakes Area Coop, 1st National Bank of Henning, Ottertail and Battle Lake, Jack and Angie Werner family, and EOT Wranglers 4-H. Judge for this year was Andrea Gress.


This year there were two Cloverbud swine, seven gilts, and 33 Market swine exhibited at the East Otter Tail County Fair Swine Show on Friday, July 20.

Scott Dethlefsen, Fergus Falls, was judge.

Trophy sponsors included Rockaboosters 4-H Club, Trumm Drug, Butler 4-H and the Chuck Arvidson family. 

Trophy winners:

-Champion Market Swine, Logan Milligan; Reserve, Zach Milligan.

-Champion Gilt, Logan Milligan; Reserve, Melissa Hendrickx.

-Jr. Swine Showmanship, Carter Haman; Reserve, Gabe Geiser.

-Int. Swine Showmanship, Kyndall Haman; Reserve, Brooke Hendrickx.

-Sr. Swine Showmanship, Austin Haman; Reserve, Ellen Dauphinais.


There were three Cloverbud and 67 poultry exhibits at the 2012 East Otter Tail County Fair Poultry Show held on Thursday, July 19. 

The judge was Melvin Rauch of Stewart, Minn.

Trophy sponsors included  Staebler Financial Group, Michelle Gallmeier family, Arvig Communication Systems, Midwest Bank, Country Bumpkins 4-H, Casey and Teresa Hagerty family, and Heritage Acres of Minnesota.

Trophy winners:

-Champion Chickens, Elizabeth Wippler; Reserve, Katherine Wippler.

-Champion Waterfowl, Lacy Jacobson; Reserve, Caleb Monson.

-Champion Turkeys, Caleb Monson; Reserve, Allison Monson.

-Champion Pigeons, Danielle Sonnenberg; Reserve, None.

-Jr. Poultry Showmanship, Carter Haman; Reserve, None.

-Int. Poultry Showmanship, Lacy Jacobson; Reserve, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Sr. Poultry Showmanship, Katherine Wippler; Reserve, Allison Monson.



The 4-H Beef Show held Friday, July 20, included two Cloverbud, two cow/calf and one prospect calf project this year.  The show also included six Market beef, 10 beef heifers, and two dairy steer.

The judge for the beef show was Clint Kathrein of Little Falls, Minn. 

Trophy sponsors included Staebler Financial Group, Minten Family Red Angus, 1st National Bank of Henning, Ottertail and Battle Lake, Dairyland Vet Services, LTD, Jack and Angie Werner Family, United Community Bank, Heinola Hustlers 4-H, and David and Yvonne Meyer. 

 Award winners:

-Champion Market Beef, Logan Milligan; Reserve, Shawna Loerzel.

-Champion Beef Heifer, Lindsey Loerzel; Reserve, Emilee White.

-Champion Beef Cow/Calf, Emilee White; Reserve, Jenna White.

-Champion Feeder Dairy Steer, Brady Larson; Reserve, Katherine  Wippler.

-Jr. Beef Showmanship, Emilee White; Reserve, None.

-Int. Beef Showmanship, Danielle Sonnenberg; Reserve, Hanna Ruckheim.

-Sr. Beef Showmanship, Lindsey Loerzel; Reserve, Jenna White.


Rabbit cages were filled at the East Otter Tail County Fair with five Cloverbud rabbits and 56 rabbit exhibits.  

Trevor Sypnieski of Brainerd, Minn., judged the event, held Thursday, July 19.

Award winners:

-Champion Doe, Kelsi Anderson; Reserve, Megan Badinger.

-Champion Buck, Kelsi Anderson; Reserve, Madison Green.

-Champion Fryers, Katherine Wippler; Reserve, Kelsi Anderson.

-Jr. Rabbit Showmanship, Megan Arens; Reserve, Veronica Schwartz

-Int. Rabbit Showmanship, Heather Weller; Reserve, Megan Badinger.

-Sr. Rabbit Showmanship, Kelsi Anderson; Reserve, Katherine Wippler.

Trophies in the rabbit area were sponsored by Butler 4-H Club; Midwest Bank, Dent Helping Hands, Steven and Amanda Dobratz family, Linda Fithen-Richville, and the 1st National Bank of Henning, Ottertail and Battle Lake.


A total of four Cloverbud sheep and 24 head of 4-H sheep were exhibited at this year's East Otter Tail County Fair on Thursday, July 19.

Judge for the evening was Marcus Meder of Dalton, Minn. 

Trophy sponsors included United Community Bank, Lakes Area Coop, and ProAg Farmer's Cooperative.

Award winners:

-Champion Market Lamb, Isaiah Bauck; Reserve,  Gabe Geiser.

-Champion Ewe, Isaiah Bauck; Reserve, Leah Bauck.

-Jr. Sheep Showmanship, Mikayla Geiser; Reserve, Gabe Geiser.

-Int. Sheep Showmanship, Brooke Hendrickx; Reserve, Caleb Carrlson.

-Sr. Sheep Showmanship, Isaiah Bauck; Reserve, Leah Bauck.

The Lamb Lead preceded the Sheep Show. For this, each 4-Her leads his or her lamb and is asked questions about the wool and sheep industry. 

Receiving top honors this year were:

-Sr. Champion, Brooke Hendrickx; Reserve, None.

-Jr. Champion, Mikayla Geiser; Reserve, Gabe Geiser.



A total of one llama was exhibited by a 4-Her on Saturday, July 22 at the Llama Show at the East Otter Tail County Fair. 

Karen Aakre, of Underwood, was the judge for the day.

-Champion, Emily Gallmeier; Reserve, none.