Drive-thru fundraiser being held for Perham graduate battling Lyme disease

A fundraiser benefit is at Crosspoint Church being held on Feb. 14, for a 2011 Perham High School graduate fighting chronic Lyme Disease.

Mikaela Waldon, 27, of Perham has been fighting chronic Lyme Disease since 2013. (Submitted photo)

A benefit fundraiser for a former Perham resident who has been fighting chronic Lyme disease for the past eight years.

Mikaela Waldon, 27, 2011 Perham High School graduate who now lives in Lubbock, Texas, said the benefit being put on by her family is to help raise funds for her treatment at a Lyme clinic in Mexico.

The benefit, Miracles for Mikaela, will be a drive-thru style lunch at Crosspoint Church from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Feb. 14,. Those in attendance will be able to drive-up, order, and receive their meal on the other end. A flier for the fundraiser said the menu would be pulled pork on buns, with coleslaw, chips, and dessert.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by various types of ticks found in the United States and six other counties, according to, a nonprofit group that serves patients through advocacy, education and research. Lyme is known as the great imitator and can be misdiagnosed as other diagnoses. When left untreated, Lyme can develop into chronic Lyme disease and co-infections can develop.

Waldon said back in 2013, she started to have a lot of joint and muscle pain that caused her to go to the doctor. “They weren’t really sure what it was,” she said and it was labeled as lupus.


After years of not responding to lupus treatments, Waldon said she decided to see a doctor who practices functional medicine. “At one point, I had gotten really sick last May and he said, ‘you know what? Let’s do a Lyme test that way you know. ' Well period -- you know,’” she said.

"The purpose of the Lyme test was to rule out Lyme disease as a possibility. But it came back positive and I also found out that I was full of Lyme co-infections as well,” Waldon said. Waldon was grate for a diagnosis after all these years but was also a bit scared. Her doctors looked for and tried several different treatments for her before suggesting that she get a consult from a specialist at a Lyme clinic.

After conducting a lot of research into Lyme clinics, both inside and outside of the United States, Waldon choose one in Mexico. “I found an amazing clinic in Mexico and got a consult with Dr. Morales, who's extremely hopeful that with four to five weeks of treatment, he can get me back to feeling better and possibly into remission.”

Waldon and her husband Andrew Waldon have two little boys, Todd, 4, and Jude, 3.

In addition to the Feb. 14 fundraiser, a GoFundme Miracles for Mikaela, with a goal of $25,000, has been started as well as a fund at United Community Bank, 301 W Main St, Perham.

Donations can be made at or at United Community to the care of Mikaela and Andrew Waldon.

More information about Miracles for Mikaela can be found on Facebook.

To learn more about Lyme disease visit

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