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Americana-Folk Band playing at Disgruntled Brewery

Imagine you're a musician playing a gig in Minneapolis, then you're traveling to South Dakota for another gig and you're thinking, hmm, what would be a cool place to stop in between? Why, Perham, Minnesota, of course.

"We typed in breweries and wineries in western Minnesota, looked at the results and picked the ones that seemed interesting to play at," said singer Mallory Graham of the Americana-Folk duo, The Rough and Tumble. "We are excited to play at Disgruntled Brewery, we gravitate to small towns, because we are less likely to play to the backs of iphones and more likely to play to people's ears."

The will play for people's ears starting at 7 p.m. at the Brewery on September 28th.

Half the fun for Graham and partner Scott Tyler is the adventure in seeing just how remote they can get. Since they travel and live in a camper, they don't have to worry about finding a place to stay, so they can go places other musicians can't get to when going from show to show.

After two and half years of calling a 16-foot camper home, and sharing it with their 88-pound dog, Butter and 81-pound dog, Pud,Tyler and Graham are still having fun and enjoying meeting people.

They met about 10 years ago and both ended up in Nashville in 2011. Each had songs that they took to the other for help finishing. A writing project was next, and since they kept having fun they kept working together, and now six years later, it's still fun.

What's beyond the six years? Continuing to make music on their own terms. Make a living. Maybe make enough to have a house not on wheels, but for now that's not in the cards and that's okay.

"We are happy and healthy, our personal goal is living a creative life," according to Graham. "And figure out where we want to live. Best way to do that is to travel."

And for now they will travel and bring live music to small towns for people to enjoy. Graham remembers one show where the host asked the audience to stop talking for a portion of the show and to just listen.

"I think live music is great because you can just sit and listen, you don't have to talk, you can just sit back and relax and listen."