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Mural dedicated at Turtle Park

Cindee Lundin smiled as she was praised by Dennis Happel for her work on a huge mural at Perham's Turtle Park. Lundin and many volunteers have been laboring on the project for several weeks. Brian Hansel/FOCUS1 / 3
Hundreds of hand-painted turtles adorn the new mural at the Turtle Park on South Main Street. The hand-painted and initialed turtles are intended to help future generations make a personal contact with the popular Perham park. Brian Hansel/FOCUS2 / 3
Morrison Cota, 2 1/2, clapped for his Grandma Cindee Lundin at Thursday's dedication of a mural at the Turtle Park. Also present was Morrison's dad, Mauro and his mom, Ashley. Brian Hansel/FOCUS3 / 3

Cindee Lundin and her volunteers were honored Thursday at an informal dedication of their mural and their other artwork at Perham's Turtle Park.

Lundin, a Perham graduate who now lives in Tucson, Ariz., has been back in the Perham community for several weeks. The artist is returning to Arizona for a short time but intends to be back in Perham before long to complete the project.

The mural includes, what else, turtles. Hundreds of hand-painted and initialed terrapins that have logs on which to sun themselves—one of their favorite pursuits in the hot weather of a Minnesota summer. The little turtles have been painted by kids who have visited the park and will now be able to return in future years to show off their handiwork to family and friends.

There is also a statue of three mud turtles attached to the mural which was constructed by Lundin at her Tucson studio.

Turtle racing at the park is a weekly event in the summer. The Turtle Races are celebrating their 40th anniversary this summer.