The president of the United States proclaims Leif Erikson Day on Oct. 9 each year, recognizing that the first European in North America landed in Newfoundland, Canada, around the year 1,000, during the Viking Age.

The Vining community is hosting a casual, fun celebration that will be held Thursday, Oct. 7, at the Vining Grill in Vining, along Highway 210. The gathering will begin at 5 p.m., hosted by members of Leif Erikson, Sons of Norway, of Vining. Those attending may order klub or a choice of menu items. The event is Dutch treat (meaning each person pays their own tab). The Presidential Proclamation will be read.

Oct. 9 has no reference to any particular event in the life of Leif Erikson. This date commemorates the anniversary of the arrival of the ship Restauration in New York Harbor during 1825. This ship brought one of the first groups of immigrants from Norway to the United States.

For any questions, call 218-282-0332. Klub, on the menu, is a very popular order on this day, so the earlier the better to assure you can order klub.

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