Otter Tail County is hosting a project called We Are Water MN, a traveling exhibit and community engagement initiative run by the Minnesota Humanities Center.

The Humanities Center supports the project with training, funds, and events to learn about local water issues, rediscover the reasons we each care about clean water, and practice community-identified ways to protect water. It takes almost a year of planning and then eight weeks of public programming, events, and display of a water-themed exhibit.

Otter Tail County is in the process of bringing together organizations and individuals to lend a voice to the project. The goal is to work together to identify water issues to focus on and then decide what events and programs to plan together. The next several months will be spent learning from each other, planning together, and preparing to launch the public exhibition and events.

The county needs people involved who can share their knowledge, planning, time, and networks. By working together, the group hopes to tell a more complete story about water in Otter Tail County, including the reasons that water is important to the county's families, traditions, pastimes and economy.

The Otter Tail County committee is gauging initial interest in this project, with a hope of bringing the planning group together over the winter. Those interested in exploring this more should contact Chris LeClair at or 218-998-8105.