50 years ago

Bridge thieves avoid jail

Five Menagha, Minn., area men who stole a bridge avoided jail terms when they agreed to replace the span and accomplished the chore within a 48-hour deadline. The men told John Kukowski, municipal judge here, that they consumed considerable beer while cutting the bolts which held the “I” beams of the partially abandoned township bridge. The judge gave the men the alternative of going to jail for 30 days or putting back the six 26-foot steel beams. The township bridge led to an unoccupied farm and was barely usable because of rotten planking. Because of this, the men were charged with petty theft.

Thieves, vandals damage area property

Vandals wrecked speakers at the Prairie Drive-in, and pulled a receiver from a Dent telephone booth, removed flags from mailboxes and damaged a school bus Saturday night. According to Deputy Sheriff Merle Bacon, five Stillwater youths were apprehended in connection with the incident after a report from Jack Wolford of Dent. All five were staying at a resort on Paul Lake for the weekend.

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Firemen put out truck fire

Perham firemen were called to douse a truck motor fire near the wagon factory last Wednesday afternoon. According to reports, the truck, owned by Mac Tobkin, was being used to unload fertilizer from a railroad car and caught fire when the driver attempted to start the vehicle.

From the Thursday, August 7, 1969, Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

25 years ago

Gary Hertzler tinkers his way to world efficiency record in his homemade experimental airplane

The record was set in what’s called the “CAFE Challenge,” an ongoing competition designed to allow pilots to test their aircraft flight efficiency. The challenge uses a formula that combines weight of the plane, its fuel efficiency and the speed it flies during the test. Hertzler built the plane from scratch from 1976 to 1980. Hertzler is a resident of Mesa, Arizona, but has summered in the area for many years.

Wow, what a windstorm!

Much of the area was hit by a sudden thunderstorm last Tuesday, August 2nd. The most visible damage came when a steel storage building blew apart, sending wood shards and sheets of steel across a field and toward nearby homes and the VFW. “I saw that building coming across the yard, and I headed toward the basement!” John Altstadt said. “That’s the first time in my life I ever headed toward the basement. The trouble is, by the time I got there, things were done already.”

Levy set for downtown renovation project in ‘96.

Property owners have found out roughly what their costs will be two years from now when the downtown improvement project takes place in Perham, a total of $610,000. The re-do will include two major phases, according to Engineer Gary Nansen from the city’s engineering firm, Larson, Peterson and Associates. The east and west section of Old Highway 10 will receive what is known as a ‘mill and overlay,’ meaning the surface is ground off and replaced. The downtown area between 6th Ave. W and 7th Ave. E will be undergoing several steps including replacing water mains and storm sewers.

From the Thursday, August 11, 1994, Perham Enterprise Bulletin