50 years ago

Vandals hit Tuffy’s, FPA and Land O’ Lakes

Vandals went on a spree at three local plants doing an undetermined amount of damage, according to local Police Chief Henry Lubitz. At Tuffy’s, a loaded truck was started and driven through the warehouse door, resulting in damage to the door and a broken windshield in the truck. About 12 cases of truck light bulbs were removed from a garage at the Land O’ Lakes plant and smashed on the bottom of a railroad car already prepared for loading.

Fire hits Gorman Township dump

Perham firemen were called to douse a fire Sunday at the Gorman Township dump located on the Chester Dulski farm. The dump has been a point of controversy for several years due to pollution of the Toad River.

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Senior Citizen News

Show and Tell was given by Clara Klepak. Her two subjects were interesting due to the fact that both were well presented. One was a coconut that came from Hawaii in 1931; the other was a starfish which was found in the Pacific Coast area in Oregon 40 years ago; 35 seniors were present.

From the Thursday, Sept. 18, 1969, Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

25 years ago

Entries sought for name for new middle school

With construction well underway on the new Perham middle school, it’s time to come up with the name for the new school facility. There’s not a lot of financial reward for submitting the winning entry, you stand to win a sweatshirt with the new middle school logo on it. But you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that your suggestion will last for many decades.

King Aron and Queen Tasha

Aron Moses and Tasha Hamann are reigning over this week’s Homecoming activities at Perham High School, after being named King and Queen at the coronation ceremony.

How big is a footprint? Critical question to PACC expansion

The organizers for the proposed expansion of PACC are wondering how big a footprint they should try to come up with. The size is directly related to the price tag … and the price tag is directly related to affordability. The most grandiose of the three options is a full expansion, but would cost an estimated $580,000. Dennis Happel told the Perham City Council that he’s confident that at least $400,000 would be available. He’s not sure if enough money will be available to go for the larger footprint though.

From the Thursday, Sept. 29, 1994, Perham Enterprise Bulletin