A historic piece of Perham is back in its rightful place.

The old Bank of Perham window is now installed at Level iii after undergoing a complete restoration. Level iii Owner Andrea Greiff had the 120-year-old window removed during a renovation of the store following a fire last year.

Michael Lauer, owner of Michael’s Stained Glass Studio in St. Cloud, was tasked with bringing the ornate window back to life.

Before Lauer began the project, a team of contractors carefully removed the 150-pound window.

The window as seen from the inside of Level iii. (Carter Jones / FOCUS)
The window as seen from the inside of Level iii. (Carter Jones / FOCUS)

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“The window was in terrible condition. It was so heavy, it started to sag,” Lauer said. “The bottom glass was folding over itself, and one piece was loose.”

Once in his shop, Lauer first disassembled the whole window, before washing and cleaning all the glass. After it was shining like new, Lauer resized the window to make it slightly smaller, something he says took “a lot of engineering.”

A new frame and extra reinforcements will now prevent the window from buckling in the future.

“It turned out nice,” Lauer said. “I take pleasure in working on historic glass like that.”