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Perham Health

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Perham Health

Perham, MN

Operations Committee

of the Board


Date: November 28, 2018

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Place: Perham Health St. James A Conference Room

Present: Terry Marthaler, Jerry Kunza, Alisyn Keil, Eugene Jahnke, Ryan Strugar, Spencer Schram, Gil Ebner, Al Berube, Rich Richter, Mike Brasel, Cyndy Rastedt, Dean Simpson, Alana VanWatermulen, Brett Glawe (Sanford), Dr. Mark Paulson (Sanford), Bruce Viessman (Sanford), Bruce Vaaler (Vaaler Insurance),Chuck Hofius, Justine Anderson, Pat Sjolie, Sonda Tolle, Tracy Hendrickx, Jim Rieber, Sue Von Ruden, Mary Mayer, Pam Mather, Duane Wallace, Beth Ulschmid, Amanda Reynolds

Excused: Thomas Meyer

A. Call to Order

Chair Marthaler called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m.

B. Education

Bruce Vaaler, Vaaler Insurance CEO provided education on director and officer liability insurance. He reviewed the different coverage components and identified those who are covered under the policies.

Vaaler exited the meeting.

C. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda

Trauma Hospital Resolution will be added under "New Business."

D. Old/Other Business

1. Clinic Expansion Project Update

Rieber provided an update noting the project is behind schedule with painting and finishes, and the current move in date to occupy the new clinic space is December 21. January 2 remodeling of the existing clinic space will begin. Currently, the biggest concern is a national shortage for computers and not having them as soon as desired.

E. New Business

1. Credentialing

Upon recommendation from the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, a motion was made by Dr. Brett Glawe, seconded by Dr. Mark Paulson, to approve medical staff privileges for Dr. Carey Britt, Dr. Mary Holm, Lowell Vomhoff, CRNA, Any Hecker, PA-C, Ashley Schultz, PA-C, Dr. Julia Vasquez Lopez, and Brenda Wolf, CNP until November 30, 2020. Motion Carried.

2. Sanford Management Agreement Annual Review

Hofius stated Board members completed a Survey Monkey which included the questions from the tool used for the annual evaluation. The survey was reviewed and there was no additional feedback or further discussion. The theme from the survey was the importance of Sanfords partnership in physician recruitment.

3. Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan Yearly Update

Mayer stated the plan is done yearly and includes the roles and responsibilities of all aspects of the organization along with how to prioritize goals and achieve quality improvement. Clinic indicators are the only item that is not currently set, and those will be determined by Sanford.

Upon recommendation of the Quality Council, a motion was made by Brasel, seconded by Kunza, to approve the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan Yearly

Update as presented. Motion carried.

4. Perham Healthcare Accessories

Hofius recommends closing Perham Health Medical Accessories with the last day of operation being December 28. Effective January 2, space will be leased to Sanford Healthcare Accessories who will be able to greatly expand the products and services offered to our community. This change is not in any way the result of the employees in Medical Accessories nor anything that was within their control.

A motion was made by Jahnke, seconded by Schram to approve the closure of Perham Healthcare Accessories. Motion carried.

5. Orthopedic Total Joint Program

Tolle presented an operations plan for starting a total joint program at Perham Health. An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Todd Sekundiak will start seeing patients in the clinic in January and performing surgery at Perham in the following months. He will only be doing total knee and hip replacements and Dr. Nelson will continue his practice here.

Anderson presented a financial analysis that was completed to determine the incremental costs that will be incurred.

A motion was made by Schram, seconded by Strugar, to approve the Orthopedic Total Joint Program at $250,000 for startup equipment costs and the authorization to move forward as presented. Roll call vote was taken, all in favor. Motion carried.

Strugar exited the meeting.

6. Home Care CMS Survey

Hendrickx stated the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) arrived on November 14 to validate The Joint Commission survey that occurred in weeks prior. Surveyors were very complimentary of services and staff, and overall it was a good survey. A plan of correction letter with any findings has not yet been received but is anticipated by the end of the week.

7. Trauma Hospital Resolution

Tolle read the resolution to the board.

A motion was made by Dr. Mark Paulson, seconded by Berube to approve the Trauma Hospital Resolution. Motion carried.

8. Quality in Action

Hendrickx shared a story that occurred in the transitions unit of the nursing home regarding excellent coordination of patient care.

F. Consent Agenda

A motion was made by Keil, seconded by Jahnke, to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Motion carried.

G. Reports

1. Operating Reports

a. Fiscal and Support Services

Anderson reviewed the October financials, stating that October saw a gain from operations of $330,480, compared to a budgeted gain of $194,877. With the addition of non-operating income, October finished with a gain of $432,900, compared to a budgeted gain of $298,357. This brings the facility to a total net loss of ($1,059,929) for the first month of the fiscal year, versus a budgeted gain of $340,823.

Long-term investments had an unrealized loss this month of over ($1,000,000). Per Brinker, there was a "risk-off" trade in October, which caused most major indices to experience negative results.

Brinker Capital will be providing a webinar to Finance Committee members on Thursday, November 29 to provide an update on investments.

b. Patient Services

Kelly Riepe will be the new Director of Quality Management. She is currently the nursing manager in the clinic.

c. Long-Term Care

No additions to the report.

d. Ancillary Services

A contract has been presented to KLN in regards to providing Primary Care services for their employees.

2. CEO Report

Hofius stated an active shooter tabletop drill was complete with the management team and departments will be discussing what they would do in case of an active shooter. In the next year, a full drill will be held including law enforcement, SWAT, etc.

After the conclusion of the November election, the Hospital District Board will remain the same. An officer and committee survey interest form will be sent out in December.

3. Medical Staff Report

a. Monthly Update

No additions to the report.

b. Recruitment Update

Dr. Corina Narvaez Jacob begins seeing patients on Monday, December 3.

There is an offer out to a Family Medicine with OB provider, but we have not yet received a response.

An internal medicine physician is interviewing this week. She is interested in doing a combination of hospitalist, urgent care, and covering call.

There are two general surgeons interested in Perham. Both of them have three to four years left until the completion of their schooling. It is anticipated that offer letters will be extended to one of the candidates.

4. Sanford Report

Viessman, VP of Operations in the Fargo Health Network was present and provided a Sanford update stating the CEOs of Wheaton and Jamestown are in the final stages of the interview process.

Viessman also noted Sanford values the relationship with Perham Health and believes it works very well.

5. Quarterly Quality Report

Mayer presented the Quarterly Quality Report.

A motion was made by Kunza, seconded by Brasel, to approve the Quarterly Quality Report as presented. Motion carried.

H. Information Items

1. Hospital Board Election Results

2. 2019 MHA Winter Trustee Conference