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MN DNR Creel

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 6:09pm

MN DNR Creel
Survey on Otter Tail Lake-2019
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fergus Falls Area Fisheries will be conducting an angler creel survey on Otter Tail Lake beginning May 11, 2019. Anglers fishing Otter Tail Lake during 2019 open water season can expect to be contacted throughout the season by a DNR creel clerk at one of the three public access sites for a short interview as they end their fishing trip. The creel clerk will ask anglers a few questions about their fishing trip for that day and measure harvested fish and record released fish by species.
Fisheries managers often rely on several tools to gather information on the fishery, one of which is a creel or angler survey. In addition to talking with anglers, the creel clerk will be counting boats on Otter Tail Lake to get numbers used to estimate angling pressure. When all the data is analyzed DNR staff can get information about total angling effort, harvest and release rates, and size distribution of several important species of fish in Otter Tail Lake.
Angler participation is a vital part of this study and the survey results will enable DNR Fisheries staff to better manage fish resources in Otter Tail Lake.
Previous creel surveys were done on Otter Tail Lake in 2006-2007, 1994-1995 and 1983-1984.
Additional information or questions can be obtained by calling the Fergus Falls DNR
Area Fisheries Office at 218-739-7576.
5/9 2751404