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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 6:08pm

Perham Health
Perham, MN
Operations Committee of the Board
Date: April 24, 2019
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Perham Health St. James A Conference Room
Present: Terry Marthaler, Jerry Kunza, Al Berube, Eugene Jahnke,Thomas Meyer, Cyndy Rastedt, Ryan Strugar, Dean Simpson (teleconference), Rich Richter, Alana VanWatermulen, Michael Brasel (teleconference), Alisyn Keil, Gil Ebner, Spencer Schram, Dr. Brett Glawe (Sanford), Chuck Hofius, Justine Anderson, Sonda Tolle, Pat Sjolie, Jim Rieber, Sue Von Ruden, Beth Ulschmid, Kelly Riepe, Bill Stoderl, Amanda Reynolds,
Excused: Dan Olson (Sanford), Dr. Mark Paulson (Sanford)
A. Call to Order
Chair Keil called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m.
B. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda
The order of the agenda will be significantly different due to some individuals with other obligations.
C. Closed Session
The Operations Committee went into a closed session to discuss physician credentialing.
D. Board Education
Stoderl, Director of Revenue Management, provided education on the revenue cycle and included an update on the current efforts of the department.
E. Old/Other Business
1. Nursing Home Refresh Project
Rieber provided an update noting that half of the first household is near completion with residents returning to their rooms next week. The project is currently ahead of schedule.
2. Legislative Update
Hofius provided an update on many legislative items including the provider tax, proposed nursing home cuts and assisted living regulations.
3. Clinic Property Tax Update
Hofius stated a hearing took place on April 10 and noted there would be a ruling in approximately three months.
4. Strategic Planning Retreat Feedback
Feedback was provided on the Strategic Planning Retreat with many comments on how good of a turn out there was with a great cross-section of people who were all very engaged in the process.
F. New Business
1. Credentialing
Upon recommendation from the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, a motion was made by Dr. Brett Glawe, seconded by Jahnke, to approve medical staff privileges for Judy Bellanger-Dahl, PA, Dr. Richard Catalan, Dr. Vanessa Gil (with the exception of OB privileges to be reviewed in May), Dr. Gail Pickett, Dr. Ryan Reynolds, Dr. Ronald Burd, Dana Chippendale, CRNA, Marcia Kluck, CRNA, Dr. Elmer Calica, and Dr. Paul Mittelstadt until April 30, 2021. Motion carried.
2. Board Self-Evaluation
Marthaler reviewed the results of the Year 2018 Board Self-Evaluation Survey. The overall consensus is that the Board is functioning well. The following action items were discussed for continued improvement:
Education will be provided on the physician credentialing process in May,
followed by more board discussion on this topic.
Education on the purpose and function of each board committee, prior to
board members making selections.
Ensure the Board is aware that any member may attend a committee meeting for learning purposes.
Encourage all board members to attend one Finance Committee meeting in
the coming year to observe the process.
3. CAH Annual Policy Review
Tolle stated that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all patient care policy changes at Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) to be reviewed and approved annually by the Governing Board. All policies are first reviewed by department heads and the committee that completes the annual CAH review.
A motion was made by Marthaler, seconded by Strugar, to accept the CAH policy changes as presented. Motion carried.
4. Marketing Campaign
Von Ruden presented the billboard and social media portions of the orthopedic surgery marketing campaign and noted there would also be radio and print advertisements.
5. Nursing Home Household Model of Care Work
Hofius provided an update on the work being done with Action Pact consultants and their work surrounding the household model of care.
6. Quality in Action
Ulschimid shared a story that occurred in another facilitys clinic and what was learned from the experience.
G. Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Marthaler, seconded by Jahnke, to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried.
H. Reports
1. Operating Reports
a. Fiscal and Support Services
Anderson reviewed the March financials, stating that March saw income from
operations of $55,000 compared to a budgeted gain of $287,381. Year-to-date
income from operations totals $396,578, compared to budgeted income from
operations of $1,595,083. With the addition of non-operating income, March
finished with an increase in net position of $359,517, compared to a budgeted
increase of $433,327. Year-to-date increase in net position totals $886,559
compared to a budgeted increase of $2,450,348.
Leadership is in the process of reviewing the difference in actual vs. budget and determining if there are any temporary measures that can be taken.
b. Patient Services
Tolle stated the first total joint surgery by Dr. Sekundiak occurred on April 16,
and all went well.
c. Long-Term Care
No additions to the report.
d. Ancillary Services
No additions to the report.
e. CEO Report
No additions to the report.
2. Medical Staff Report
a. Monthly Update
No additions to the report.
b. Recruitment Update
No additions to the report.
3. Sanford Report
No additions to the report.
4. Quarterly Community Relations Report
No additions to the report.
5. Quarterly Strategic Goals Report
No additions to the report.
A motion was made by Strugar, seconded by Marthaler, to accept the Quarterly Strategic Goals Report as presented. Motion carried.
I. Information Items
1. 2019 CEO Evaluation
Board members are to complete the 2019 CEO Evaluation by Friday, May 3.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m.
Alisyn Keil, Chair
Michael Brasel, Clerk
Amanda Reynolds, Recorder
6/6 2762272