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40 years ago o August sun burning up non-irrigated crops: Corn and other late summer harvest crops, which looked so good three to four weeks ago, have done an about face with three weeks of mostly hot, dry weather sucking the moisture out of all ...

Dennis Guck was working on combining his oats early this week, after swathing about a week ago. He said his yield was "spotty" but generally good. Chuck Johnson photo


40 years ago

• August sun burning up non-irrigated crops:

Corn and other late summer harvest crops, which looked so good three to four weeks ago, have done an about face with three weeks of mostly hot, dry weather sucking the moisture out of all non-irrigated crops.

In conversations with a number of area farmers early this week, it seems that the non-irrigators, especially of lighter soils, are facing partial to major reduced yields if they are going for a corn grain crop. The potential for corn silage is still good, though.


The farmers talked to seemed satisfied with their oats yield, though, with generally good bushels per acre count.

Gary Steeke, who farms northeast of Perham said he did his swathing August 1, with combining beginning on the 7th.

"We've only combined one of our better fields, but it came in at about 100 bushels per acre," he said. Steeke's farm is in heavier soil than the sandy areas, so he had better success with water retention.


• 'First' regional women do training at LOL:

There aren't too many things women haven't done in this world, and another one is about to fall, at least on a regional level.

George Robinson, USDA inspector for Land O' Lakes in Perham, has been working for the past two weeks in training two young women to be USDA inspectors. Margaret Lubbers and Kim Lilienthal will be the first women USDA inspectors in the 13-state region centered around the Minneapolis office.

Why haven't women been involved in the program before?


"This is a relatively new program," George explains. "It didn't exist 20 years ago and women would have had to make a special issue to get into inspections."

Margaret says she doesn't feel anything special about the fact that she will be one of the first two women USDA inspectors regionally.

"I'm not a radical," she said. "I'm only concerned with doing a good job."


From the Thursday, August 10, 1978 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

5 years ago

• Gabriele Anderson representing Perham on the world running stage:

Gabriele Anderson was back in Perham on a quick vacation after completing what should be called her "Summer of the Personal Best."


Anderson set personal best marks in three different races this summer, the 800m, the 1500m - her specialty, and most recently, the 3,000m at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

"Europe is always crazy with travel up in the air," Anderson said. "It can be stressful but this is my fourth summer of doing a European season."

The season is now on break awaiting the upcoming World Championships August 10-18 in Moscow. Anderson's plan was to be in Moscow, but an 11th place finish at the U.S. Championships in Des Moines kept her off the U.S. team. That did not, however, deter Gabe from a successful summer across the Atlantic. So much so, she is headed back for more later in August.

"I'm going back," she said. "Since I ran fast in the first season, I'll have good opportunities in the second season. The first race I might run is August 22 in Stockholm."

She will remain in Europe at least until the Diamond League final in Brussels. The Perham graduate has taken off in professional running and is now a globetrotter in a sport that has far more international flair than it does here in the states.

"It's a whirlwind. It's always a different adventure and this year was kind of crazy because I was racing every four or five days."

Anderson's stringent race schedule leaves little time to enjoy the sights and scenes of some of Europe's most sought-after tourist destinations: Paris, Madrid, Monaco. While there are a few moments for such luxuries, Gabe is there to run and running is her job.

"I was in Monaco for a week and Madrid for 5-6 days, but that was the longest I was in any one place."

Wherever Anderson went in Europe this year, she found continuing success. To put one of her races in perspective, her personal best 1,500m race time of 4:01.48 set in Monte Carlo puts her in elite company in U.S. track and field history. Only 10 other women have recorded better performances.


• Three injured in drunk driving crash near Perham:

A Richville man has been arrested for DWI and criminal vehicular operation after an accident near Perham yesterday that left him and two others injured.

Ryan Palmer, age 35, was traveling west on Fort Thunder Road at about 4 p.m. Thursday when he lost control of his pickup, crossed the centerline and crashed into another truck, according to a press release from the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office.

Matthew Honer, age 25, of Dent, was driving the other vehicle. When the trucks collided, they both went into the south ditch and came to rest in a field. Honer's truck landed on the driver's side, with the front end of Palmer's pickup in the middle of it.

Honer needed to be extricated from his pickup. His passenger, 17-year-old Hunter Nodsle of Dent, was able to exit the truck on his own. Palmer was also able to exit his vehicle on his own.

All three males were taken to Perham Health, where Nodsle remains. Honer was airlifted to a hospital in Fargo to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. Palmer was released from the hospital and arrested for DWI and criminal vehicular operation, the sheriff's office reported. Alcohol was a contributing factor in the crash.

Assisting the sheriff's department at the scene were the Perham police and fire departments.


From the Thursday, August 8, 2013 Perham Focus

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