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50 years ago o Durrenberger now Two-Star General: Brigadier General W.J. Durrenberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Durrenberger of Perham, has been nominated by President Lyndon Johnson for promotion to major general. Word of the nomination was rece...

Brigadier General W.J. Durrenberger was nominated by President Lyndon Johnson for promotion to major general in the United States Army. Submitted photo

50 years ago

• Durrenberger now Two-Star General:

Brigadier General W.J. Durrenberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Durrenberger of Perham, has been nominated by President Lyndon Johnson for promotion to major general.

Word of the nomination was received July 11 at Headquarters of the U.S. Army Weapons Command (WECOM) at Rock Island, Ill. where Durrenberger is the commanding general.

The general graduated from Perham High School in 1935 and enlisted at the University of Minnesota that fall. He volunteered for active duty as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army in 1940.


Now 51 and a veteran of 28 years service, Durrenberger has commanded WECOM. The organization responsible for acquiring weapons for the Department of Defense, since October 1966.

In his addition to his studies at Minnesota, the major general nominee earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Maryland and a masters degree in business administration from Syracuse University.

Durrenberger is married to the former Alma (Polly) Pagliai of Des Moines, Ia. They have three children; William John Jr., 18; Robert Scott, 16 and Philip Michael, 7.

With resources exceeding more than $3 billion, WECOM employs about 12,000 persons in its headquarters at Rock Island and its installations at Rock Island, Watervliet, N.Y. and Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia.



• Work starts on addition for Tuffy's:

Work has already begun on the new addition for producing Tuffy's canned dog and cat food at Pine Lake Feed Co. Inc., according to Darrell (Tuffy) Nelson, company president.


The additional facilities will enable the canned products to be produced locally, instead of in out-of-town facilities in the past months.

Sewer and water connections were completed to the area west of the main plant and warehouse last week.

"We expect to be able to can about 500 cases of dog and cat food per day when in full operation," Nelson noted. Each case will contain 48 one-pound cans.

Nelson went on to indicate that three different types of cat food and two kinds of dog food will be canned in the new addition, which will have nearly 8,000-square feet of floor space.

The new structure will be a blue-colored Butler steel building. Local contractor Bob Hammers and Gateway Builders of Fargo are involved in the project.

Nelson said the additional facilities should be in operation some time in October. It is expected to provide six new jobs, he commented.


From the Thursday, July 18, 1968 Perham Enterprise Bulletin


40 years ago

• Council okay's $2.4 million revenue bond:

The Perham City Council gave the green light to $2.4 million in community development revenue bonds for Bernard and Dick Palubicki and their Perham Mall Association at their regular meeting Monday night.

The Palubicki's came before the council to request their endorsement of the bonds for their planned shopping center on the south edge of Perham along Highway 78.

The endorsement of the bonds gives the Palubicki's advantages in interest rates, while there is no financial obligation to the city of Perham in case of financial problems for the shopping center. "We have people who are already obligated to pick up the bonds," Bernard pointed out. "This would just give the bonds a tax exempt status."

He also noted the bonds would be picked up in large bundles by large companies and would not be put up for sale to the general public.


From the Thursday, July 13, 1978 Perham Enterprise Bulletin



• $50,000 estimated for school roof repairs:

The verdict is in on the roof at Perham Schools and it seems that a costly repair bill will be in order.

It's been a long-known fact that portions of the roof aren't in good shape. The board voted recently to have the roofing specialist firm of Tremco run an infrared analysis of the roof to determine the extent of the problem. Bill Holman, representing the firm, reported the findings at the board's regular meeting last Wednesday.

The analysis shows a number of water-saturated areas in the roof, caused by leaky roofing. The Tremco report recommended the whole area of each of those roofs (only portions of any one roof are currently wet) be recoated with roofing materials.

Tremco estimated that with the amount of water-saturated insulation in the roofs, the school would suffer an eight percent loss in heat, since wet insulation drastically reduces insulating qualities.

The total area to be recoated amounts to approximately 53,000 square feet. Of course, the area to be torn up is much smaller than that. The cost of the project is expected to come in at $50-55,000.


From the Thursday, July 20, 1978 Perham Enterprise Bulletin

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