Looking Back - Sept. 6 Edition

20 years ago o Are you George R. Thomas?: There's a famous guy named Murphy...inventor of Murphy's Law...that says whenever something can go wrong, it will. Well, Murphy stepped into an innocent situation recently and nearly made George R. Thomas...

Dr. Raeanna Covington is now providing vet services at Lakeland Vet Clinic in Perham, joining Dr. Bill Rose. She recently graduated from the University of Minnesota, and especially likes working with birds, including her pet parrot. (Chuck Johnson photo)

20 years ago

• Are you George R. Thomas?:

There's a famous guy named Murphy...inventor of Murphy's Law...that says whenever something can go wrong, it will.

Well, Murphy stepped into an innocent situation recently and nearly made George R. Thomas a richer fellow, to the tune of 10,000 bucks. At the same time, he nearly made George R. Thomas a poorer fellow, also to the tune of 10,000 bucks.

How could George R. Thomas be $10,000 richer and poorer at the same time?


Easy. He found two George R. Thomases. Murphy can do things like that. An inventive and creative fellow he is.

George R. Thomas, I'd like you to meet George R. Thomas. One in Perham, one in Chicago.

The two George R's have two things in common:

Their name

They both do business at the same bank in Chicago

And thanks to Murphy's handiwork, they nearly had a third thing in common, a $10,000

CD certificate at the same bank. Starting to get the picture?

Perham's George R has lived here for many years. Started two businesses...Little Pine Machine Shop and Pellet Roll and Die Company.


Well, it seems that George got a letter in the mail a while back from the LaSalle Bank in Chicago. Not all that unusual, because he's financed three trucks there for his companies, because he got a good rate of interest from them.

The letter says his $10,000 CD is maturing soon and asks him whether he would like to reinvest it or cash it in. Caught him by surprise.

"I didn't recall having a certificate with them," George says. "I asked Joan (his wife) if she had one and she didn't recall either."

So he sent a letter back to the bank, telling them to send him the money.

Meanwhile, Chicago's George R. Thomas decides it's time to go to the LaSalle Bank to check on his $10,000 CD that he knows is coming due. Gets there, and is essentially told he's not George R. Thomas. At least not the one who owns the $10,000 CD.

His daughter, Linda Cilandzic, jumps in to help her dad out.

A few go-arounds ensue as Linda tries to prove the money is her dad's. But the bank maintains the George R. who owned the $10,000 CD lives in Perham. Even the signature to prove it, they tell her.

Back and forth they go, and finally, the bank admits a mistake has been made. The two George R's have been intermixed through a bookkeeping snafu. Since they had not yet sent the check out to Perham's George R. they hand Chicago's George R. his money and figure the case is closed.


But Linda wants to find out what's happened. Who is this George R. Thomas in Perham?

She contacts Mt. Prospect police to see if they can straighten things out. No way, lady. No crime committed.

So she calls the Perham police. Todd Sandahl is on duty when the phone call comes in.

Simple matter, Todd says to himself. He knows George R. Thomas.

By the next day, Todd gives Linda a callback and tells her the story. Case solved.

The lady from Chicago is amazed.

"I can't believe it. My local police won't even help me out. So I call the guy from another state. He doesn't even know me, and he gets it solved, for a stranger."

"Everybody must know everybody in Perham," says the lady from Chicago. "It must be like Andy of Mayberry. I'd like to nominate Officer Sandahl for an award. Do you have an award for something like that?"


• Vet Raeanna Covington at Lakeland:

Dr. Raeanna Covington has joined with Dr. Bill Rose at the Lakeland Vet Clinic in Perham.

The new veterinarian is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, and joins Dr. Rose who has practiced locally since the 1970's.

She's no stranger to the area, growing up in New York Mills on the Ray and Arleda Tisdell dairy farm. It was there she developed the love of animals that led her to become a vet she explains.

"I always wanted to be a vet, it was a childhood dream," she explains. "I always took in wild animals and tried to revive them."


From the Thursday, August 27, 1998 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin


40 years ago

• Student population drops 2.2 percent for Perham schools:

Overall student population for the Perham School District dropped a total of 35 students or about 2.2 percent from early enrollments at the schools.

These figures include the Perham and Dent elementary schools, the Perham junior and senior high schools, St. Paul's parochial school and St. Henry's parochial school.

A third parochial school, St. John's in Ottertail, serves the southern portion of the school district. That school is down from 36 to 31 pupils this year. But since they also serve students from the Henning, New York Mills and Battle Lake school districts, we aren't including their figures in the totals presented here since it is not sure how many of those students come from the Perham district.


Over 2,000 people get assistance from Information Center:

The Perham Information Center welcomed and assisted over 2,000 summer vacationers. The vacationers came from 35 states including Alaska and Hawaii, and four foreign countries-Canada, Sweden, Norway and Japan --- and from the British crown colony of Hong Kong.


From the Thursday, September 7, 1978 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

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