NDSCS hall-of-famer carries on family legacy through Perham small business

Throughout her two years on the track team, Bucholz only placed second in three outdoor meets. In every other meet, she placed first.

Jennie Bucholz smiles inside of her shop, HOL Nutrition, which has been a part of the Perham community for four years. (Elizabeth Vierkant/Focus)

A Perham woman was recently inducted into the North Dakota State College of Science Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 24, but that isn't her only success. Jennie Bucholz, 48, of Perham was a high jumper on the Wildcat NDSCS track team in 1992 and 1993. Throughout her two years on the track team, Bucholz only placed second in three outdoor meets. In every other meet, she placed first.

Bulcholz was originally inducted into the NDSDS Hall of Fame 10 years ago, but she declined the offer because the idea of giving a speech was terrifying.

"When they asked the second time, I thought, 'Well, I'm going to have to accept at some point,'" she said. So, she accepted.

She was originally going to be inducted in 2019, but the ceremony was delayed until 2020 because of a snow storm. Then, in 2020, it was delayed yet again because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bucholz was finally inducted into the NDSCS Hall of Fame in April 2021.

"It was an honor — something I never expected," she said. "Back then, you just don't think about (school sports) as something that's going to come back and touch your life later."


Now, she runs her business, HOL Nutrition, in Perham and New York Mills. The Perham location has been open for four years, and the New York Mills location has been open for a couple of months. HOL Nutrition sells protein shakes, tea and energizing snacks.

"(Living in Perham) has been awesome. It's welcoming," she said. "As soon as I opened (HOL Nutrition), all the other business owners stopped in and made me feel a part of the community right away. I was just welcomed by everyone here right away, which was nice."

While Bucholz, originally from Frazee, only moved to Perham four years ago, her family has history in the area. Her paternal grandparents ran North Side Grocery, one of the first grocery stores in Perham. Her maternal grandmother was involved with Betty Lou's Country Beauty Salon in Perham. Bucholz is carrying on the family legacy of Perham small businesses with HOL Nutrition.

She doesn't think she'd be where she is today if she didn't have track coaches who saw the talent she had in sports. Bucholz always wanted to start her own business, but she doesn't think she would have gone to college if she hadn't been an athlete. According to her, her coaches kept her in college and going to business classes.

"A lot of kids might drop out (of school) if they don't have sports," Bucholz said. "I think it's great that they have something that keeps them in school and learning. It gives them a chance."

Bucholz's passion for sports influenced even her kids. All three of them are involved with athletics. Bucholz also helps teach girls how to high jump in New York Mills.

One of her favorite aspects of being a part of the Perham community is being able to watch the successes of community student athletes. "Kids come in (to HOL Nutrition), and I can talk to them about their accomplishments," she said. "I care that they do well in their sports."

Bucholz's HOL Nutrition is located on 235 W. Main St. in Perham.

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