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Homer Saetre installs 2018 Leif Erikson officers

Pictured, from left, are President Tom Rasmusson; Chuck Olson, treasurer; Ann Rasmusson, secretary; Barbara Olson, publicity; Marilyn Harbaugh, Librarian; Henry Peterson, vice president; Chris Haugen, board member ; Jan Smith, cultural skills director. Dan Broten/Courtesy photo.

Officers and directors of Sons of Norway's Leif Erikson Lodge of Vining, were installed Sunday before the monthly cultural program at the Battle Lake Broberg Auditorium where the film, "I Remember Mama" was shown. It is the 1948 story of an immigrant Norwegian family settling in San Francisco.

Installer Homer Saetre is a former lodge president, district officer and retired judge serving Clay County and ten other counties of the Minnesota 7th Judicial District from 1971 to 1993.

President Tom Rasmusson announced the February 17 Winterfest for the community to be held at the Simpkins Farm in Folden Area of Vining. He also announced March 11 program with the newly released film, "The King's Choice".

For more information call president Tom Rasmusson at (218) 862-5066.