A pair of young farmers were in Perham Thursday selling fresh picked sweet corn. The truckload of corn was being sold by Thomas, 7, and cousin Olive, 5 (with the help of their moms, Laura and Heidi Flatau) at the intersection of Third Avenue and Coney Street.

Thomas said he got up at 8 a.m. and picked for 15 minutes to get the load ready for sale.

As customers steadily rolled in around 1 p.m., Thomas delivered each load of sweet corn and safely stored the money afterward.

When he’s not picking corn, Thomas helps bale hay and scoop out the grain bin on the Flataus' farm near Vergas.

Olive is admittedly too young to help out on the farm, but she said she likes sitting in her dad’s lap when he drives the tractor.

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“We’re proud of Tommy,” said his mom, Laura. "He’s a warm and kind kiddo."

Thomas and Olive both said their favorite way to eat corn is with butter.