Spring Home: Jewel with a pool

This gem of a home on Long Lake, featuring lush landscaping and a large outdoor swimming pool, is a summer haven for owners Larry and Marcie Noah and their loved ones.

The large outdoor swimming pool at the Noah home is a favorite feature for the couple's grandkids and other friends and family.
Contributed / Marcie Noah

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In the picturesque Long Lake neighborhood of Detroit Lakes sits the home of Larry and Marcie Noah.

It’s a property that, in the warmer months, is in full bloom as a result of Marcie’s passion for gardening. The petal-power from her many plants adds pops of color everywhere from the main entrance at the front to the landscaped gardens in back.

Raised in Crookston, Marcie has always loved flowers and sunshine, and has made the home she and Larry finished building in 1997 a summertime haven for their family and friends.

Home exterior front.jpg
The Noah home, in Detroit Lakes' desirable Long Lake neighborhood, is a stately yet comfortable family residence that features lush landscaping around the entire property.
Contributed / Marcie Noah
Marcie Noah.jpg
Marcie Noah, on the steps of her Long Lake home with a few of her grandchildren.
Contributed / Marcie Noah

The shining jewel of the Noah residence is the large outdoor swimming pool. Nearby is a pool house, designed to match the main home. The bright, sparkling pool water is the ideal match for the myriad flowers, shrubs, trees and plants that breathe life into the entire estate, with colors ranging from fuchsia to red, yellow, orange, blue and green.


It is a lush landscape, carefully designed to take advantage of the space and draw the eye to every corner and sitting area.

“I love flowers,” Marcie says, “and especially petunias. They grow so well here in Minnesota, and the vibrant pink ones are my favorite!”

The Tidal Wave Petunia is her main choice, since when cared for properly, it blooms abundantly and fully, with many flowers cascading down from a basket or pot. The Noahs have this particular flower throughout their yard and pool area, as it provides ample bursts of bright color.

Other flowers found around the property include black-eyed Susans, dahlias, the Heavenly variety of morning glories, hollyhocks and more. One particular variety of dahlia on their property, called Dinnerplate, grew flowers last year that were 12 inches across.

“They were absolutely striking,” Marcie notes. “I couldn’t believe that they were that big, but they lived up to their name!”

Larry Noah.jpg
Larry Noah, at his Long Lake home with two of his grandsons.
Contributed / Marcie Noah

The Noahs are parents of two grown children, Ben (Jenna) and Abby (Cody), who have children of their own; the families live in the Detroit Lakes and Perham areas. Larry and Marcie’s pool is of continual delight to the grandchildren, as well as to many friends who like to visit as the couple entertains.

“The pool and yard are designed to be inviting and comfortable,” says Marcie. “We love to gather outside in the summer.”

Marcie has always bought her flowers from local companies, including Bergen’s and North Country Fields.


“Jared Tromley at North Country delivered trucks full of flowers to me last year,” she says. “It’s a lot to plant, but I love it. Gardening is meditation to me.”

Long Lake flowers.jpg
Flowers and other plantings surround every side of the Noah home.
Contributed / Marcie Noah

Spending each day outdoors is fun and brings peace to Marcie. Beyond her flowers, she also enjoys the trees around the property.

“I especially love the crabapple and the cherry blossom trees,” she remarks.

The blooms of these two types of trees bring additional shade and beauty to the landscape, with a plethora of white that is set strikingly against the lush, green lawn.

Other pops of color come from patio and garden accessories and ornaments such as a bright, striped yard umbrella, various ceramic pieces, and accents in pots and beds. The Noahs also pay homage to beloved pets that have passed on by displaying name stones and tribute rocks in flower bed areas.

After spending their winters in Florida at their seasonal home, Larry and Marcie always look forward to spending the summers here in the town where they raised their family.

“Summer in Minnesota is fantastic and so much fun,” Marcie says, “and I always get excited to put in all of my flowers and take care of them.”

Long Lake tree.jpg
The crabapple and cherry blossom trees on the property are favorites of Marcie's. The blooms add shade and beauty to the landscape.
Contributed / Marcie Noah
Long Lake ivy.jpg
Petunias are a favorite flower of Marcie's, as they grow heartily in Minnesota and add bright, vibrant color to any landscape. Hanging plants, climbing vines and other plants add natural comfort and character to this corner of the Noah home.
Contributed / Marcie Noah

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