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Letter to the editor: Animal cruelty a disgrace to area

I took a drive by the Perham Stockyards today; didn't intend to, just ended up there -- sometimes it's just God's hand and there is nothing I can do. (Yes, I believe in God, and yes, he does move my life).

I immediately spotted a downed cow lying in the cold, wet mud. Her head and neck were all twisted up against the gate. You should have seen her face, her eyes -- they were begging, pleading. I could have sworn I saw a tiny leg with a hoof emerging from her uterus.

I strode into the store and talked to a man. I asked him if he was aware that he had a downed cow trying to give birth in the cold, wet mud, smashed up against a gate. We went outside, no sign of that little leg and hoof (Why me? I'm thinking).

"Well," he said, "she's a downed cow - can't stand up."


He said he sold her for 10 cents -- yes, that's 10 cents -- yesterday (Monday).

I pointed out, compassionately, that she was hurting and asked if he could see that she needed to be humanely disposed of -- now.

He said he was going to get to it, just hadn't had time (he was reading papers when I first saw him in the office), but he would see to it. He asked where I was from.

Why? What did that have to do with it?

I told him I was from the Perham area, was very distressed for the cow and also said that he was breaking the law. It was inhumane and something needed to be done -- now!

He said it wasn't his fault that the cow was sick (I feel that qualifies as whining and not taking responsibility). So I said, "Maybe not, but it is your fault that she is lying there suffering."

I left and went to the Perham Chamber of Commerce and told them about the situation. They told me to contact city hall. I asked for directions to the Focus newspaper, went there and gave a report. Then, I called the Department of AG Dairy and Meat office. Then, I called the county sheriff and filed a complaint.

I am writing a letter to the editor, the county commissioner and the Perham city mayor, even though it's not in the city limits, because it reflects on them as far as I'm concerned.

I have been told that I am too emotional and passionate by many -- after all, it was just a cow, one that was going to die in a few days anyway, and as long as she wasn't laying there bawling and causing a commotion, what the heck was my problem?

Oh, I know, I'm one of those types that tip toes through the world spreading 'radical ideas' like not allowing animals to be treated cruelly!

I can see someone wagging their finger right now and telling me I'm quite unsuitable to be out in public because I just can't restrain myself, but in spite of that, somebody is just sure there's some little place, somewhere, that I can help in animal rescue -- some non-stressful, tiny little part. Well, I wish they would show me where!