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Letter to the Editor: Cunniff doesn't understand the Tea Party

I have read with dismay the Frazee-Vergas Forum interview with Bob Cunniff, who is running against Mary Franson in House District 8B.

Cunniff very ignorantly and incorrectly describes the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates as extremists who don't want to spend any money other than for "tax breaks to corporations."

Does Cunniff know what the Tea Party stands for? Mr. Cunniff, let me tell you. The Tea Party movement's mission statement has three goals: Fiscal responsibility in government; constitutionally limited government; and free markets. Doesn't sound very extreme, does it? This would include honesty and integrity in all aspects of government, and in our election process.

Cunniff calls the Voter ID amendment a right wing proposal. What? There are democrats who support Voter ID! The only disenfranchised folks would be illegal immigrants, noncitizens, felons and others who, under our current state law, are not entitled to vote anyway. Why does Cunniff think that simply proving who you are and where you live before you vote is a bad thing?

There is an awful lot of name-calling coming from Cunniff that I find very disheartening in a candidate. I am voting to re-elect Mary Franson.

>b>John Gibbons

Alexandria, MN