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LETTER TO EDITOR: Ev-o-lu-tion: The development of evil in the hearts of man

To the editor:

For so many years I have been trying to figure out how a mere theory could ever entertain more credibility than the manifest creation that we see around us every day. The incredible "discovery" of evolution perverts and poisons the minds of man more and more every day. I call this "discovery" incredible because it is exactly that, NOT CREDIBLE! It is merely an idea, that is constantly being used to excuse the sorrow and guilt individuals feel, due to breaking the law that has been written upon their hearts. I remember my biology class at PHS, when our instructor so honestly informed us, that creation is NOT a theory, for it is evident around us every day. However, in my studies, I have learned a couple facts about evolution: 1) It has, and always will be, a theory of the origins of life; and 2) there is an evolution that continues to evolve, in the hearts of man.

Society is craving an excuse for the pain and suffering they bring upon themselves, and the people around them. They often blame everyone and everything around them for the wrong they do to others. I'm sorry to break the "Bubble of Perfection" that many have placed themselves in, but you were born with that evil in your heart. I remember my "innocent" nephew (who is a wonderful blessing to me and my family) showing me this before the age of two, when his younger brother was born. When he was first brought in to see his new baby brother getting so much attention, his first and natural reaction, was to try to slap the new born. No one had taught him, nor shown him, this example. We have been tainted by sin, and we need a cure.

We have seen the effects our country goes through as they continue to try to "weed" God out of it. Business can no longer open their doors without fear of lawsuits, many of which are set up. Families can no longer turn on their televisions without being interrupted by sexual and revealing commercials. Parents can no longer send their children to school to be taught facts, but instead the opinions of teachers. People keep demanding change, but are too ignorant to see that the change they are bringing only brings new stories of the elderly saying, "I can't believe how bad things have gotten."

No matter how much you disagree with me, no matter how much you may want to insult me, or slander me; you cannot argue fact with opinion. Fact always trumps opinion. You can shout all day that the red fire truck is blue, but I have to inform you, it is red. There is a Creator, there is evil in the hearts of men, and the change we are bringing is not bettering this country. The more we remove the spiritual principles of God's Word, the more disrespectful, and disruptive the following generations will become. Just as there are consequences for breaking the laws of our country, there are consequences for breaking spiritual laws. It's time to stop "changing" and start restoring!

Jerrod Schultes